Power Up Your Product Copy

By: Jeremy Long Chia Teik

The web offers the greatest of opportunities for marketers to sell their products to millions of potential buyers. Products have to be promoted and sold by means of product pages that impact upon potential customers. The results of such promotions and sales will depend very much on the effectiveness of the product pages.

How do you plan to produce that winning product page that will capture the minds, hearts, and of course, wallets of potential customers? There are many proven ways that you can effectively power up your product copy.

(1) Use the Headline to sell

The headline is always the first sentence that stares right into the eyes of visitors landing on your product page. It should be written in a powerful and effective way that will capture their attention. It must be a compelling sales message. Needless to say, it should address the needs of the correct target audience that you have identified at the outset of your campaign. Within the headline, you will need to clearly emphasize the potential advantages and benefits of visitors using your product, e.g. Get rid of 10 pounds in 21 days using Fat Loss Diet Technique.

(2) Ensure proper arrangement of page materials

It is vital that to ensure visitors feel comfortable in reading through your product page. The page materials must be coherent, leading from one point to another point in a flawless and logical way. Always do a draft first. Read through it, and see if it flows neatly and comfortably throughout the page. Make the necessary rearrangements if necessary. You can use phrases such as "For instance", "As a result", and "Chances are", to help you to connect two sentences logically.

(3) Personalize your writing style

This is crucial to getting visitors to feel at home reading your product page. It will power up your product copy tremendously as visitors read and receive your warm and personal touch. This is in effect the means to your end of securing the approval and purchase decision of the visitor. Opt for short words and sentences, blended with your personalized approach.

(4) Strongly emphasize product benefits

When visitors come to search for more information on your site, it actually indicates that they are in need of a solution to their problems. You are the right person to provide the solution to their problem. What is important here is for you to emphasize the real benefits of your product rather than its features. The benefits must solve their problem on hand. That said, your product copy must convince visitors with a compelling reason why they should buy from you and not others.

(5) Stay relevant and direct

The product copy should stay relevant and direct. It must be precise in highlighting the benefits of the product, for instance, say "reduces electrical bill by 20 to 35 percent monthly". This reinforces the real benefits quantitatively. Visitors will be impressed with the results that your product can bring them. Sell them the specifics. You should further power up your product copy this way.

(6) Provide evidence about your product and sales

Testimonials are important and they will help you to eliminate doubts in the minds of visitors about your product. You will have to provide proven track record and case histories to further substantiate your claims about your product. Reveal the statistics and success stories from customers who have had bought your product and are completely satisfied with it and your after-sales service rendered them. Stand up and prove to them your reputation and credibility.

(7) The product copy must be alive

Writing the product copy can be tedious to some marketers, and it may turn out to be monotonous. Therefore, always try to inject liveliness into the product copy. You can do this by adding your personal touch to the page, by addressing visitors as "you", which reveals the warm side of you the writer. You can also tell certain relevant stories to maintain the interest of visitors while they are reading through your product page. Always remember that you are writing the product copy FOR the visitor.

(8) Product information must be relevant

To power up your product copy even further, it is vital to write information that is relevant to your product. The information must be appropriate to the intended message of the product copy, and must reach out to your target audience. Remember not to waste visitors' time. If you do, they will never return.

(9) Proofread your copy

Go through the entire product copy and look out for any possible mistakes in grammar, spelling, numerals etc before publishing it on the web. This will enhance your professional image as an online marketer, meticulous and caring. Proofreading should not be neglected.

You've got it. With the pointers listed above, you will be able to power up your product copy effectively. Your product copy will be more effective. It will create deep impact, sell powerfully, and bring in exponential profit.

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