Learning Effective Money Management

By: Mikahamilton
Increasing wealth and net worth is about more then just making good investments or even "getting lucky". The key to lasting wealth comes from good money management. Do you realize just how many people are millionaires? The numbers may surprise you. The person sitting next to you could very well be a millionaire. Your neighbor that lives across the street could also be a millionaire.

The most common misconception that most people have about the wealthy is that they always drive around in fast and fancy cars, take lavish vacations, and live on large estates. While that may be true of some people, but the majority of the wealthy live normal lives and go to normal jobs. The reason? They realize that uncontrolled spending can lead to uncontrollable credit and unfortunately as has been the trend, bankruptcy. There are several points that one could use to compare their wealth plan with their actions to see if they are truly heading in the right financial direction.

Do You Save? Sure everyone tries to save a little here and there, but to truly become a financial success a regular savings plan that is part of a well-balance budget. Saving money isn't always easy. The advice of a financial advisor or even the use of money management software can help you plot a financial route. Planning for emergencies, educations and even mundane expenses should be part of a budget.

Certainly there are people who have stumbled upon their fortunes either by inheriting it hitting it big in the stock markets. That is a very rare occurrence and those who frivolously invest in every scheme imaginable to strike it rich usually just end up the complete opposite. Again proper money management is key.

Planning to save means that you determine now where you want to be and then follow in a patter of saving and investing that makes it possible to meet that goal. Of course a balanced portfolio utilizes more then just a savings plan. Investing in mutual funds and stocks should really carry and equal share of the load. Good money management also means controlled spending. A perfect example is that of an NFL player.

It is hard to believe that people who make enough in a couple of years for most of us to retire on would have any kind of money problems, but year after year players get themselves into financial binds and end up in the red. The reason is poor spending habits. Spending money on anything from a sports car and matching house for mom to an expensive dog house, they forget how important it is to save thinking they will always have enough. That is almost never the case. For these stars they should be saving more then they are spending in a year to be prepared for premature retirement or other emergencies. Only by controlling spending habits and developing solid money management skills can a person, star or not, ensure that they will be financially secure for the future.
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