Prosecuting 18-Wheeler Accidents

By: Johnsonlawgroup
If you and/or a loved one were recently made victim to an accident involving an 18-wheeler, you should know that the fault is not yours, and you have every right to fight for the compensation you deserve with the help of an 18 wheeler accident lawyer.

You should be advised to choose your truck accident lawyer with care and to file your claim as quickly as possible, as varying state laws give you only a limited amount of time to file your claim. Your 18 wheeler accident lawyer should have a considerable reputation with trucking companies all over the United States and be able to compete with them effectively in the case procedure.

The case itself tends to be quite complex because there are various factors to consider in determining what the trucker is guilty of, what all victimized parties should be compensated for, and how much compensation the evidence will call for. It is possible that the truck driver who victimized you and/or a loved one has been driving a company truck illegally, e.g., by being under the age of 21 or by failing a required driver's road test.

You should be encouraged that you are not alone by being involved in an 18-wheeler accident. In this case, you would be among an estimated one million people involved in such accidents each year, although they are still relatively infrequent; according to experts, they make up only 4% of all injuries and 12% of all deaths which are traffic-related.

Your need to contact a truck wreck attorney is urgent because the company of the truck driver involved in your accident can send representatives of its own to the scene, thereby leaving you with the liability even though you are not at fault. An 18 wheeler accident lawyer, depending on prior law experience specializing in this field, will give you the protection you need to help speed up your physical and emotional recovery, helping put both you and your loved ones more at ease.

This often means that your 18 wheeler accident lawyer will first send you to a psychologist to determine if you experienced any emotional trauma, which is almost 100% certain.

An ideal 18 wheeler accident lawyer will be able to prosecute both the truck driver and the trucking insurance company, the latter of which is required to make certain appropriate provisions. Whomever you come across as your 18 wheeler accident lawyer, make sure it is someone who proves to be a worthy candidate for representing you.
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