How to Get Started or Re-started in Your Mortgage Business

By: tdomin
Whether you're new to the mortgage business or been sitting on the sidelines for a while, this is a great time to get involved and jump-start your mortgage business.

The U.S. housing market is still encouragingly active...thirty year interest rates although fluctuating are still well below 7.00%...home equity interest rates have risen enough to force many folks to refinance and eliminate the higher rate line of credit...and, over 21 trillion dollars in adjustable-rate mortgages are ripe for conversion in the months ahead, to other mortgage products.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Make a list. need to make a list of everyone you know. You've heard this before...the moneys in the list...and it's absolutely true. Make sure that you have their address, phone number, and email address if possible, plus and any other information you may have about them.

2. Send a personal letter to each of them. Tell them that you are now in the mortgage business and you are ready to help them any way that you can. Automate your list on your computer to make this function as easy as possible.

3. Follow-up a few days later with a phone call. Re-introduce yourself and your business. Ask if they have any questions about credit and/or mortgages. Ask questions that help you fill-in the blanks and take lots of notes. Offer your private number (cell phone number) in case they have any questions.

4. Send a hand written "Thank You" note expressing your gratitude for the time they spent with you and the information they provided. Very dew people use "Thank You" cards'll be remembered for using them.

5. Send holiday cards, birthday cards, postcards, articles and informative industry information each and every month there after. You'll eventually be accepted as an expert and trusted advisor, because of the valuable information that you continue to provide.

6. Never stop building your list. Set a personal goal of adding new contacts each day and then follow the same steps for each addition to your list.

This is the beginning of your database and your new mortgage business. Maintain your list, up-date it, and continually add to it. Handled correctly your database will result in mortgage referrals every month. The larger your database, the more referrals you'll receive.

By effectively using your database, maintaining an exceptional service level, and keeping your name in the forefront of your contacts have a great chance of generating business right away.
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