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By: AdralinMatstone
An aquarium is an artificial tank commonly used for keeping attractive fish, aquatic plants and enhancing material for embossing of interior of the house. The aquarium looks natural by introducing aquatic plants, rocks, gravel, artificial decorative etc. The knowledge of Aquarium, its care and maintenance is one of the important aspects before setting up of an aquarium at any place. To develop a simple healthy aquarium minimum maintenance and a few basic essential tips must have to follow. Most aquariums consist of simple glass pane attached to the upper and lower edges by silicone.

Aquarium Lighting is very essential for plant growth in aquarium. There are many aquarium lights available. Too much light generates more algae and too little light retards the growth of plants. Artificial controlled lighting is desirable of aquarium. Fluorescent light is best for your aquarium. These aquarium lights boost up the plants growth and bring out the colors to the fishes. Fluorescent tubes produce relatively little heat, are energy efficient. There are few types of aquarium lights mentioned for your present.

Standard aquarium tubes are usually moderate brightness and have a spectrum with mostly red and blue light. These give a soft, natural light that shows off the colors of most fish very well. Bright light is required for a very deep tank or marine aquariums. These are a bright tubes with little yellow in the spectrum gives a nice appearance at low cost. Metal halide lighting is occasionally used, but generally for very large tanks extremely bright light is required. These lights are very expensive, use more power and produce a lot more heat.

Aquarium Maintenance
Aquarium maintenance is one of the important aspects before setting up of an aquarium at any place. Aquarium should be filled with clear potable water, quality depending on the types of fishes being kept there. Tap water is probably the safest source as aquarium water for the majority of the tropical fish and plants. But it contains chlorine, which even in quite low concentrations can be fatal to the fish. To remove the chlorine naturally, it is better to allow maturing the water for few days (aging) or aerating overnight before addition. During emergency dechlorination can be done with the commercially available chemical purchases from the pet shop with satisfactory results.
Direct pouring of water stirs the sand-bed and gravel making the water turbid. To avoid this, a shallow pot may be kept on the sand and water be gently poured into this. It will overflow gently over the brim and fill the tank without disturbing the sand.

The most satisfactory method is probably to ensure that the aquarium is set up and left for 24 hours, with the aeration or filtration working. It will also help in checking the working of the equipment like filter, aerator, and toys etc. before introducing fish.

Adralin Matstone is well experienced in aquarium keeping. Has a lot of knowledge on Aquarium maintenance, fish breeding and aquarium lighting.

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