How To Make Serious Money

By: srana25
The best way to get rich is to focus on developing your own potential.

People make money doing all sorts of things. It really isn't necessary to be in any one particular business to get rich. True, some businesses pay better than others, but any business can be escalated to produce riches.

There is, then, no one right business to be in.

There is, however, the right attitude to be in when you undertake any business.

The right attitude, ultimately, depends on how you FEEL about things. The better you feel, the more you will learn, the more you will mingle, the more you will produce, and the more you will recover from setbacks.

Those who make the most money are those who do work that they love.

Bill Gates has a passion for putting his software on every computer. Warren Buffett really enjoys the stock market. Donald Trump gets a kick out of building bigger and better buildings than anyone else in New York. Anthony Robbins loves teaching people how to change their lives in an instant. These people aren't in it for the money; they have plenty of it for the next couple of generations. They are in it because it is work that they love.

People underestimate the value of feeling good. It is everything. In wealth creating, passion is the magic ingredient. Wealth, in fact, is just a way to keep score.

Besides passion, another important thing to do is to get smart about money. In other words, get a financial education. Learn how money is managed. Napoleon Hill used to make a lot of money but kept on losing it, too. Then between his wife and his friend W. Clement Stone, he learned how to manage it. Only after he learned how to manage it did he become a millionaire, despite an earlier string of best-selling books and lectures. It's not how much money you make that matters, it's how much you get to keep.

Managing money is an essential wealth skill. For example, if you are naive about money you might believe that by saving it you will have more. This is simply not true. The reason is because inflation outstrips the interest that you earn from the money in a saving account. The value of money decreases over time. To increase your money, you have to invest it.

One of the best ways to invest money is to invest in yourself. This means put the money into your education. Learn how to do the work that you love better than anybody else. Hone your skills until you are an expert at your craft.

Assuming you have learned how to choose the right work, tapped into the power of your feelings, acquired the skills to manage your money and invested your money into getting an education on how to get really good at your chosen work, then the last key to really get you on your way to affluence is to be highly productive.

In your pursuit of riches, you have to give up myths about how you have to be in the right place at the right time and know the right people. You will only get there by taking care of the other common sense techniques discussed here.

These ideas may not be glamorous, but real wealth is based on organized labor; it does not come, very often, from abandoning a practical approach. No doubt there are other vital tips to getting wealthy, but these pointers should get you started on the right path.

Here they are again:

1. Do work that you love.
2. Learn financial management.
3. Invest in your education.
4. Become highly productive at your work.

These are the four cornerstones. This is your foundation. An empire can be built from them.
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