Wholesale Video Games- Research Secrets

By: Boricua
The beginning of a new year has come and wholesale video games are an interesting venture you are thinking of getting into. Since eBay started their first auction back in September 1995 as Auction Web brand thanks to the current owner of eBay Pierre Omidyar- wanting to become part of the eBay craze has never become a delay for millions of addicted fans like many of us.

No doubt about that since recent survey from the AC Nielsen International Research team exposed great statistics notifying and giving us a glance at big time potential facts. As research shows as of July 21, 2005 more than 724,000 Americans report that eBay is their primary or secondary source of income.

Another 1.5 million members comment that eBay is indeed a supplement to their current income. Even more interesting as previously released, in the first six months of 2005 eBay sold approximately 10.6 billion dollars worth of merchandise. So where does that leave the small businessman and the new individual as a head start?

Whether wholesale video games, DVDs, grandfather clocks, condoms or lingerie are part of your selling ideas, you should know how to conduct a well-researched analysis of your niche or sub-niche potential business. The advantages are gigantic when you see the big picture of all the work that is already done for you. Why that is?

Billion dollar companies like eBay, Yahoo and Google have done most of the work for us. For this purposes, lets select eBay as our primary target. Open up your browser right now and go to eBay home page.

Once you are on eBay, you should see at the extreme left section- categories. Select once of the last at the end that they named: Video Games. Once you are there you should see: Categories within Video Games. There you see a huge amount of sub-categories, also named in Internet marketing: Sub-Niches.

Scroll down and as example select a popular sub-category: Sony Playstation 3. Press and you shall find about 1,700 potential items regarding such in-demand unit in general. Study the price patterns, analyze how the auctions are presented and there offers and then after such easy to follow guideline, ask yourself who can sell you units cheaper or perhaps, what can I offer at acceptable prices to have current potential lifetime customer?

If such sub-niche of buying to re-sell, drop shipping is also another profitable idea you should research. However, if you like eBay, Re-Selling merchandise there with multiple product lines, make sure to re-search through the categories you feel confident, passionate and with a full strength from other current potential competitors to start taking action and participating in.

No matter what decision you finally conclude, wholesale video games tangible niche is more than a $10 billion industry that many are enjoying a great cut both on eBay and with mini-malls on multiple niches online.
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