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A car can make a million differences in your life. It can uplift your status, can give you convenience and comfort while traveling and of is a state of luxury in plain and simple terms. Now everyone wants to own a car but when you go for the auto loans your credit matters a lot. If you have a bad credit, getting a loan often becomes difficult.

Sub prime auto loans are given to people with bad credit only when you produce some security against the money. This security is actually used to reduce the risk factor involved in giving a loan to people with bad credit. Your collateral normally is the car that you would buy but in some special cases it could also be your house or some other asset of equivalent value.

This secured loan is given at a slightly higher rate of interest. But these days you can also negotiate the rate of interest.

In this sub prime auto loans you have two types of loan. One is the short term loan where you get a repayment period of 5-10 years and the interest rate for this loan is lower. The second option is the long term loan where the repayment period is up to 20 years and the interest rate is slightly higher then the short term loans. You will need to fit into certain criteria to be able to get this loan.

You must have a regular income, of 18 years or more and have a bank account to get this loan. If you fulfill all these criteria just fill out the online application form with correct details and submit it. Your loan will get processed within minutes of application and you might get the money within 5-10 days. You must go through friends or relatives to apply for this loan. In case you have no one, research through online sources before applying.

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