Wholesale Video Games Distributor- Chaos

By: Boricua
When choosing a wholesale video games distributor, it is imperative to choose a legitimate wholesaler or distributor for your product line. There are hundreds, if not thousands of middlemen and outright scam artists in the online and offline wholesale industry today, I have said it many times- so it is essential that you know your potential wholesaler or distributor background and reliability. Just because someone says they are a wholesaler does not make it so!

Many wholesalers are simply middlemen who themselves purchase items wholesale and make their profits from hard working people like you. Then, when you try to sell, you find out you cannot be competitive because you paid too much for the items in the first place. Therefore, no real profits are made in such business practice.

How do you find legitimate wholesalers and distributors for perhaps a profitable wholesale video games distributor business, audio business, reselling business or DVD retail business? Kind of simple, you can do a manual search or you can pay for a list of potential distributors in your field with a trusted power seller. However, be warned that 99% of those wholesale lists you see offered for sale online are a complete waste of time, and not worth a single penny. Big time reason why many eBay power sellers become authors in the long run.

Do not waste your money on many $0.99-67.00 wholesale source lists found on the net. Reason why is because real wholesalers do not advertise on the Internet, they are quite difficult to find. They do not need to advertise because of the flow of business they have on a weekly basis the majority of the time.

True distributors and genuine wholesalers get most of their business from offline operations, meaning having them online with a website up and running is most of the time hard to find, but could be found. So how do you find one to jump start your eBay empire or online mini mall online?

You can search online for a top dollar wholesale list that can support their claims or hire a top successful seller to advise you. Many successful business entrepreneurs will be willing to give you a list of phone numbers and website addresses where you can get more information and top sources for different kind of items. If you offer top dollar for this, they will often provide you with such sources as they know that most of the newbies who ask for such list will never do anything with it.

You can also go to your local public or business library and ask a reference librarian for help as many big time distributors and wholesalers are still found in local yellow pages and in libraries. While most people think of the Internet nowadays when wanting to do research, some of the most valuable tools are still offline. Also, keep in mind that most wholesalers are also the manufacturers of the products.

A few well-placed phone calls can be more effective than hours in search or perhaps getting sources from authority power sellers. Believe it or not, most people do not follow these simple steps and fail in their attempts to start an eBay wholesale empire because the advice they have taken from the inexperienced.

But these steps work and many people had made great money on eBay thanks to taking many of the similar tips found here. Remembering, whether you want wholesale audio, wholesale DVDs or a wholesale video games distributor- time is money!
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