How Avon Got Started

By: bethyoung
The foundation of Avon was set back in 1886 by a man named David H. McConnell. It all began in a small 20x25 ft. building in New York with the name California Perfume Company (I am unsure of the reason for naming a New York based company California Perfume Company). Since, Avon has spread all over the world with a universal appeal and as a recognizable household name.

Avon Timeline:

1886 Started as the California Perfume Company

1897 Perfume manufacturing laboratory built (3,000 sq. feet standing at 3 stories tall now 320,000 sq. feet).

1906 Has over 10,000 representatives, and has built a product line of over 116 perfumes available in many sizes, shapes, and packages. Later in the year, the first brochure is released to the public, creating an outbreak of Avon fans.

1914 The California Perfume Company (Avon) begins it leap to international markets opening a distribution center in Canada.

1928 The California Perfume Company (Avon) reaches the $2 million mark with over 25,000 representatives now signed up. A huge product increase, now offering make-up, skincare products, and many other beauty enhancing products, opens the door to millions of people.

1937 Founder David H. McConnell passes leaving the company to his son who takes over renaming the company Avon Products, Inc.

1944 Avon sales reach over 14 million a year. Company goes public in 1947, allowing others to buy shares of the phenomenal company, Avon Products, Inc.

1951 Avon expands even further now making $55 million in sales each year. More overseas offices are opened.

1963 The opening of international offices increases sales to over $250 million.

1979 Avon now has over 1 million representative located all over the world pushing revenue over the $3 billion dollar mark.

1990 Other MLM giants such as Mary Kay and Amway offer incredible bids to buy Avon. While some shareholders wanted this to happen, the CEO refused to give it any thought turning down all offers.

1997 Avon reaches $5 billion in annual sales, and now has close to 3 million representatives in hundreds of countries.

2005 Avon is still rapidly growing with even more accomplishments waiting in the future.

The business opportunity of Avon is one that has been talked about, and acknowledged by people all over the world. The recognizable brand name makes it a promising business with millions of loyal customers continuously coming back for more of their favorite Avon products.

As an Avon associate you are entitled to a good compensation on each sale, dramatically discounted prices, first glances at future products, and many other benefits only available to the hardworking representatives.

When signing up it will cost you $10 but this permits you to enlist the support of all the higher ups in the Avon Company. To find out more about becoming one of the millions making money selling Avon products, check out
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