End All your Battles with Unruly Pillows with Adjustable Beds

By: barneygarcia
A good night's sleep is what helps you to sail through the stresses of modern living. While environment is important, the place over which you are lying is no less important for settling into peaceful sleep. What can be more wonderful than throwing yourself into a cozy and comfortable bed at the end of the day? And if you can adjust the head and foot of the bed to get the most comfortable posture then there can be nothing like it. Well, an adjustable bed just makes it possible for you.

Also known as Semi-Fowler bed, an adjustable bed gently places the sleeper in a semi-Fowler position. Most of these beds can be adjusted to a number of different positions. It is often said that the patients with chronic backaches are greatly benefited by these adjustable beds. When you sleep on a slightly inclined bed, your upper body rests at a higher position than the lower body and you are allowed to bend the knees at a slight angle. This combination of inclined upper body and angled knee relieve some of the stress off the lower back. As you sleep in this position throughout the night, this posture provides maximum support to the curves of the spine and relieves pressure on the entire body.

In certain back conditions the adjustable beds prove to be extremely helpful. They are Osteoarthritis, Spinal stenosis, Degenerative spondylolisthesis and in the cases where the patients have undergone low back surgery.

The latest addition in the list of adjustable beds is the electrical adjustable beds. These also allow you to adjust the head and foot of the bed to create the most comfortable position. You can not use any normal mattress on an adjustable bed frame. The mattresses of these beds are specially made to get the maximum flexible movement. The mattresses can be made of either innerspring or foam. Sometimes they are made of the combination of both. These flexing motions time and again create extra pressure on the mattress. So they have a tendency of wearing away early. So when you are going to buy an adjustable bed, always go for the best quality.

There was a time when adjustable beds conjured up the image of an orthopedic patient. But the adjustable beds these days have become the lifestyle choice of the busy professionals, students, businessmen, young as well as the old. Suppose you have to do some work on your laptop; just adjust the bed, get to a comfortable position and start working. Want to watch T.V along with your loved one on the bed? An adjustable bed ensures that you get the most relaxing position. Want to talk over phone or want to read a story book or want to just relax in the cozy warmth of your bed?---An adjustable bed is always at your service to provide you the maximum comfort. So bring home an adjustable bed and bid good bye to aching back and neck.
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