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Anyone can leverage the following Internet Presence Recipe for Success Case Study to build and drive a visible Internet presence.

I'm constantly amazed at the number of business professionals unaware of how straight forward it is to build a visible Internet presence. I recognize there may be business professionals who also don't care about this - whatever there reasons. That's fine.

I'm writing this for business professionals who care about how they can leverage some very simple and non-technical concepts in an incremental attempt to impact either themselves or their businesses professionally.

In July, I spoke at the San Francisco Chapter meeting of the Marketing Executives Networking Group about leveraging on-line networking platforms and article publishing sites to build a visible Internet presence.

Many of the Silicon Valley Marketing Executives in attendance were amazed to learn how powerful on-line networking sites (e.g., Ecademy, et al.) and article publishing sites (e.g., EzineArticles, et al.) are to not only build a visible - personal - Internet presence, but they were also amazed to learn how you can leverage the exact same principles to drive a visible - corporate - Internet presence.

I used an on-line networking platform member as an example of how he's driven his website not just the 1st page of Google, but the 1st hit in Google out of over 100 million hits, against the keyword phrase: Personal Success Program.

I decided I needed to build my own Case Study after this presentation. In short, here is what I did:

I drove a website against a keyword phrase to the 1st page of Google in less than 30 days leveraging the power of an on-line networking platform and article publishing site.

And if I can do this (i.e., someone who doesn't know anything about Search Engine Optimization), anyone can do this.

What's the recipe?

Let me first start with the chronology.

I built my Search Advantage "Case Study" website.

I launched my "Case Study" website July 31, 2006, and leverage a specific on-line networking platform to promote my "Case Study" website against the keyword phrase: Internet Presence (approximately 170 million hits).

My on-line networking platform content started to index quickly (Aug. 3, 2006).

My actual "Case Study" website started to index quickly hitting the 2nd page of Google a week after launching (Aug. 8, 2006).

My actual "Case Study" website makes the 1st page of Google 10th hit (Aug. 16, 2006).

My actual "Case Study" website make the 1st page of Google 5th hit (Sep. 20, 2006).

Less than 60 days after putting effort into raising the ranking of my "Case Study" website (against the keyword phrase: Internet Presence) my"Case Study" website consistently ranks in the middle of the first page of hits in Google out of approximately 170 million hits. Incidentally, my actual "Case Study" website also consistently ranks in the middle of the first page of hits in Google out of approximately 347 million hits (against the keyword phrase: Search Advantage).

The specific details of how I leveraged these concepts to drive my "Case Study" website to the first page of Google are visible to anyone on the Search Advantage website.

Applying these - exact - same principles, substituting your name for the keyword phrase, will drive - any content associated with your name - higher in Google as well.

This capability is priceless. For anyone can have this kind of control over proactively creating not only a visible personal, but also a corporate Internet presence, is extremely powerful.
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