Benefits Of A 2-Year Degree

By: tjacowski
An analysis of the annual reports and statistics of organizations across industries can help predict job trends in the short term. However, in an increasingly volatile economic situation that is susceptible to impact from unpredictable factors such as rising energy costs, inflation and the global political situation, such predictions can go awry. To a professional aspiring for career growth and enhanced job opportunities, this translates into the need for being always prepared in terms of equipping oneself with relevant skills and acquiring contemporary qualifications. When the economy is unfavorable and available job vacancies are disproportionate to the number of job seekers, an employer's primary emphasis in terms of eligibility parameters shifts to appropriate education from an accredited institute. In such a scenario, the benefit of acquiring a 2-year degree is obvious.

Job Security

A debatable and highly contested issue if you are an American citizen is the trend of shipping many jobs overseas via outsourcing. This increases the need for enhancing your skills and thereby, employability by means of a 2-year degree. Since job experience is no longer the only criteria to measure your skills, a 2-year degree can help you present to prospective employers, a stronger and focused job profile. The benefit of a 2-year degree is helpful for working adults and youngsters alike. For the former, who may have had to quit their education because of time or money constraints, a 2-year degree, through a distant learning program can present the opportunity that they might have missed. For the latter, it can mean an added qualification or certification that enhances their prospects while applying for jobs.

High Tech Jobs

In order to deal with high unemployment levels and low pay scales in the quick paced, high-tech fields, many people are turning to pursue two-year degrees that can help secure a better paying job. An estimate made by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that physical therapist assistant and dental hygienist could be highly in demand over the next decade. Incidentally, both these job positions only require applicants to possess a 2-year associate degree. A key benefit of a 2-year degree as compared to a regular four-year college certification is that it saves you two years that can be utilized in gaining practical job experience and developing a viable career plan.

Weighing The Costs

While considering the pros and cons of a 2-year degree, the benefits mentioned above need to be balanced with the financial commitment you would need to make in terms of costs. It is essential to assess what typical job positions and compensation you can expect after completing the course. If the median salary hike over your current package is 30 % and above, the return on investment is fairly assured and the decision to enroll should be a no-brainer. Whether you are a professional with years of work experience or a student, you could still have the need for financial assistance to complete the 2-year course. It is suggested that you explore sources such as government grants, scholarships or student loans from state, local, and private financial institutions. The greatest benefit of a 2-year degree is that you can get certification in less time and lower cost to find suitable employment in that particular field.
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