Secured Bridging Loan: Low Rate Deals for your Cash Voids

By: Celeste Parker

With real estate becoming the boom of the today's business scenario, it is very important for a realtor to always have cash ready for property deals. If he fails in paying for the deal in due time, all his efforts go in vain. For such situations, lenders have designed the secured bridging loan so that the borrowers do not lose their deals.
is a very short term loan that gives large amounts as loan so that the buyer can close in on his deals. The purpose of the bridging loan is to fill the void that occurs in two property deals, sale of old property and purchase of new one. The secured bridging loan that is borrowed helps the borrower in paying for the new property that he wishes to buy and he can repay the loan when the older property is sold off.

However as the name suggests, for this loan it is necessary for the borrower to pledge collateral for the loan. The property that has to be sold can be pledged as security for the secured bridging loan. Once it is sold, the loan amount can be repaid to the lender of secured bridging loan.

Secured bridging loan is of two types depending upon the status of the sale deal. An open end secured bridging loan is borrowed when the sale of the older property has not been done yet. On the other hand, the closed end secured bridging loan is borrowed when the sale has already been made but there is a delay in the receipt of payments for the deal.

Since secured bridging loan is a short term loan and the amount involved is large, a high rate of interest is charged. To lower this rate, it is suggested to the borrower to undertake a research for the secured bridging loan. This can be done online to acquire low rates.

Secured bridging loan acts as a savior for the people who get to face last minute worries. The importance of secured bridging loan cannot be ignored.

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