New Source of Financing for Entrepreneurs

Everyday new entrepreneurs face the challenge of finding ways to finance their new business venture. Many of these entrepreneurs take the traditional route of applying for small business loans through banks or credit unions, only to be turned down because of bad credit or lack of business experience. These entrepreneurs may have a viable new product or service, but because they lack seed capital to get their idea going, their business never has a chance.Another route taken by these entrepreneurs is to seek out investors which may require them to give up a large share of the company to the investor if they are interested, but most investors focus their investments in the technology fields. The last and final resort is to use borrowed fund from their own personal accounts or those of family or friends, but this may have complications if the venture fails.Seed capital is essential to start and grow a new business idea; it is the funds they need to develop their business so that it can be marketed to others.

But, finding sources of available seed capital has eluded many entrepreneurs because of their lack of credit, or their business experience. What these entrepreneurs need is a Seed Capital Generator; a sort of financing that is not based on the business idea, the entrepreneur, or their business experience.The Seed Capital Generator is based on contributing a moderate investment, and using the investments of other entrepreneurs to fund their business venture. This system is not based on any banking guidelines or credit ranking, and no credit checks are needed to build all the financing needed for a new business venture.The goal of this system is to allow the new business person the chance to try their venture using very little capital of their own, and because the system is a Seed Capital Generator, and not a loan, it never has to be repaid.One such Seed Capital Generator is located on the Reailionaire.Net website, and provides entrepreneurs the chance to build all the seed capital they need to get their business venture underway. Seed Capital Generators are tools used to build seed capital, and the return is based on the amount of effort invested in the system.For more information on how entrepreneurs can raise seed capital to fund their business venture without credit or experience visit

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