Types of Companies Looking for Mystery Shoppers

By: EthanHunter1

With mystery shopping, businesses are given the opportunity to measure the success or failure of the company. Obviously, businesses of all types want to do everything possible to impress customers, encouraging them to come back time after time, while also spreading the word to family and friends about the great product and/or service purchased. With such intense competition, having an edge in knowing how satisfied customers are is the key to a long, successful business.

Today, the types of companies looking for mystery shoppers have expanded from its original purpose. For instance, in European countries, the types of companies looking for mystery shoppers began primarily to understand and analyze businesses such as housing associations, churches, schools, and other similar types of organizations. However, as the popularity and value of mystery shopping has increased, we now see companies of all venues using this type of service.

As mentioned, companies of all types can benefit from this unique service. Therefore, it does not matter what type of business uses a mystery shopper, just that the information reported is accurate. For instance, in the United States, some of the companies looking for mystery shoppers include:

- Restaurants

- Fast Food Chains

- Grocery Stores

- Gas Stations

- Banks

- Movie Theaters

- Apartments

- Car Dealerships

- Hotels

- Airlines

- Health Clubs

Of course, the types of companies looking for mystery shoppers are not limited to the above-mentioned. With mystery shopping, virtually any business, whether small or large, can benefit. This means every company in the United States and foreign countries, whether a mom and pop shop or a Fortune 500 company, have the same opportunity for growing the business. Companies having a way to take feedback relating to products sold and/or customer services find this to be the ideal way of making necessary change. This means that specific areas within the business needing improvement can be identified, rather than using a hit or miss system. As you can imagine, companies looking for mystery shoppers have a huge advantage.

In some cases, actual companies looking for mystery shoppers will hire the shopper directly whereas other companies go through a marketing research firm that specializes in this type of information gathering. From the beginning, a survey model is designed by the marketing research firm, which then presents it to the company for approval. Once agreed upon, a shopper is hired. As you can see, companies looking for mystery shoppers have a unique ways of obtaining covert data about the operations. The goal is to use a reputable market research firm, avoiding potential frauds.

The types of companies looking for mystery shoppers are those wanting a solid means of measuring a customer?s experience. As an example, a company that performs oil changes would have the opportunity to see the experience from the customer?s eyes, but without the manager knowing they are being shopped. As a result, unbiased information is provided in the form of a detailed report, which allows the business owner to understand his or her business better. As a mystery shopper, you can use this service to earn extra money whereas for the company, feedback opens new doors of opportunity, boosting sales and thereby, improving on overall performance and success.

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