Forex Novice Biggest Mistake

By: Sacha Tarkovsky

Forex trading looks easy yet few succeed, the ratio of losers still remains around 95% with only 5% achieving long term currency trading success.

Anyone can learn to trade currencies successfully, but most novice traders simply do the following and lose all their equity quickly:

They try and buy forex advice from an expert and get their forex education by paying for it.

Now consulting an expert in many fields is a worthwhile exercise. If you want to drive you need a driving instructor and if you want to fix your gas boiler, you need an engineer.

So why not consult a forex mentor guru or vendor and gain from their experience?

Well the answer lies in this question:

Would you take driving lessons from an instructor who had never learned to drive or passed his test?

Of course you wouldn't!

However that's what the vast bulk of novice forex traders do.

They pay a few hundred dollars for a system; problem is the vast huge majority of these forex trading systems don't work and have never worked and have never been traded.

The way to prove this is simply ask the vendor two questions:

1.Are you a trader?

2.Can I see your real time track record of profits?

Of course in the overwhelming majority of cases you won't get one, so why should you trust your money on a system the vendor hasn't got the confidence to trade himself?

Many novice traders however fall for the hypothetical track record, which shows huge gains all for $100!

The track record is hypothetical so it's done KNOWING the closing prices and simply made up to show a profit, they have not been traded.

Now we could all make money if we knew what tomorrow's closing price is today, but forex trading is not that easy.

The fact is you need to ignore the advice that people try and sell you and do the following:

All the basics of trading are available free on the net and you learn all the essential trading information as well as get some great strategies all free, if you care to look.

If you really want to buy some advice simply go to Amazon and buy the books by the great traders.

These guys have walked the walk and don't just talk the talk - like most of the vendors on the net and good news it will be cheaper to.

If you pay for advice from a forex system vendor you have little chance of winning, as it doesn't normally work and of course if it did, they wouldn't sell it to you they would be to busy making money to hassle you for ?100 or so.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that currency trading success can be bought easily it cant - so don't fall into this trap.

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