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By: Iulian Gabriel Ilin

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In the international currency exchange market, the currency trader's goal is to earn as much profit as possible as a result of purchasing and selling foreign currencies. Currency exchange rates fluctuate perpetually based on continuous supply and demand by traders in addition to other more significant factors discussed below.

Currency traders derive substantial gains by taking advantage of considerable fluctuations in currency price while using the well-known "buy low - sell high" principle. In comparison to all other sectors of the financial world, foreign currency exchange is quite unique in that it is highly sensitive to myriad factors, open access to many classes of investors, high liquidity, and 24 hour access. Such day-long access to foreign exchange allows traders the luxury of dealing after normal hours or even during national holidays in their country of residence. Much as is the case in equity markets, trading currency comes with potential risk and considerably higher potential for ROI. However, in currency trading, as a consequence of the drastic and fluid fluctuations in currency valuation, the potential for risk, as well as return, is exceedingly high. It is essential to become familiar with the factors that affect prices and the levels of risk involved.

When beginning to enter the foreign currency exchange arena, it is crucial to prepare, much like a saavy investor spends hours analyzing a stock's fundamentals or technical data before investing in equity. One way to achieve such preparation is to first look at some key factors and recent newsworthy events related to the currencies that one wishes to deal with. In addition, it is also important to use a demo account with "virtual" money in order to get one's feet wet and get a sense for how FOREX really works. Why would you want to learn and experiment with your own capital when you can make mistakes and get some experience by using imaginary capital. You'll minimize your material damage considerably by getting some practical experience in this fashion. If you do your homework, you'll notice that there are many firms out there offering demo accounts on a trial basis to help you get a taste for what it is like to trade foreign currency. Such demo accounts and proprietary software are usually available for free.

We wish you the best of luck in your trading endeavors.


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