Here's Your Copy Writing Formula For Internet Sales

By: M H Ahsan

Whether you are hiring a copy writer to compose your internet sales page, or you are writing the sales copy yourself, here are the basic necessities of an effective sales page.

Headline: This includes three elements. First, the pre- headline to set-up the main headline and capture the attention of the category of prospects you want to attract.

Next, the main headline, in the largest font you will use anywhere on the page, tells the product's biggest benefit (a benefit evokes a favorable emotional response). Last, the post-head, which further clarifies the main headline.

The story: This is an emotional grabber that pulls the visitor into the copy so you can present your product and make your offer. It should be benefit driven, showing the reader how they could feel or their life could be better if they owned the product.

Your Credibility: This is especially important on-line, and needs to come early in the letter. Some of the ways you can build credibility include testimonials about real results, that include the full name of the person giving the testimonial. Also, use specific numbers rather than approximations in your copy overall. If you have expertise and credentials related to the product, say so.

When applicable, explain product test results. Quote favorable reviews from newspapers or magazines. And give your contact information with an address. This proves you are real. Don't worry that someone will show up on your doorstep, and if someone calls you, that's good. You learn from contact with clients.

Benefits: In bullet form, itemize the benefits (not the features) of the product. Prioritize them, and give an overload. It often only takes one benefit to convince a prospect to buy, but each prospect will have their own hot button. Have plenty of possibilities. Bullets are easy to scan.

Specifications and features: Tell exactly what the product is. Give details about what the buyer is getting.

Bonuses. Always include something extra, and make sure it has value - that it could be something people would order the product just to get the bonus. Tell the specific dollar value so you can use that information in the value build- up, or close.

Value build-up: Be explicit about the reasons the price of the product is a good value. Make comparisons to other similar products that are more expensive with less gained. Offer a guarantee if at all possible. Anticipate and counter objections. Create a sense of scarcity. That is to say, give a deadline, explain why they need to act now, and keep your deadline real. Help the visitor feel the pain of not ordering~ exactly what won't change or get better unless they have your product.

Ordering: First, remember to ask for the order. Make an "Order Now" link. Then, make the ordering process and instructions absurdly clear. Imagine that this is your visitor's first ever on-line order. Give step-by-step directions. Also, give purchasing options: secure credit card pages and PayPal are most common, but include directions for ordering by check of phone if possible, even though it is rare that anyone does.

Post Script: In effect, this is a one-paragraph summary of your sales page, including a repetition of the most important parts. Also, ask a final time for the order.

After reviewing this list, find good examples by doing a little online research. You wouldn't ever copy another sales page, of course. Simply look for inspiring examplesComputer Technology Articles, and then say it in your own way.

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