The Secret to Business Communication on a Budget

By: Mark Burdett

Can you remember what we ever did before the internet? As a communication tool the internet certainly takes some beating. Yes, the internet is open to abuse and contains millions and millions of pages that can really only be described as rubbish. However, as a way in which to communicate, source products and services and make purchases, organise you finances and stay in touch with family and friends, the internet has certainly seen the way in which we communicate changed beyond belief.

However, for businesses, the internet also brings with it its own problems with staff using work time in which to surf the net. So whilst the internet is great for many things it is not necessarily the best way for businesses to communicate.

There are however a couple of alternatives for communication that many modern businesses are now embracing to stay in touch with staff and get around the issue of lack of communication.

The first of these are modern intranet sites which can provide an extremely useful communication tool. Traditionally these have been pretty boring sites which were usually controlled exclusively by management with no real input from staff. This perception of the intranet site is now changing with content often updated and managed by the workforce themselves. This allows for an honest and frank exchange of views and news which many forward thinking companies are encouraging.

From information about staff, about the company, product and service updates to general information about team night outs and social activities the intranet site is a highly effective and successful way to communicate with staff.

Another way in which companies are embracing communication is by providing staff and particularly those who work on a large site with two way radios. Two Way Radio is a system that benefits from instant communication over a wide area without the call charges and network coverage problems that are often associated with cell phone technology.

2 Way Radios mean lone workers have a friendly voice at the end of the handset and therefore safety as well as communication is enhanced.

For businesses ranging from schools and college to factories and sports stadiums, two way radios are a great way for workers to stay in touch for a fraction of the cost of other forms of mobile communication.

Modern two way radios are also robust, portable and give companies a fail safe way for workers to communicate either at their premises or even when employees are working offsite. An example of this is how schools are using handheld radios not only on campus but also when taking students on field trips. This means their children are kept safe and secure at all times for minimal amounts. At a time where the safety and welfare of our children is never far from the news, this is great news for schools, nurseries and colleges.

Communication tools like intranet sites and 2 way radio do not have to cost the earth and yet the benefits they can bring to a business are substantial. If you want your business to be the best it can be, investing in technology could be just what you need so to avoid that dreaded communication breakdown.

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