How to Cheat on Your Resume

By: Fae Cheska Esperas

Do you always feel that your resume is not impressive enough for your employer to notice? Do you find your CV layout utterly boring? Well, worry no more for here are some tips to dress up that resume of yours-without the need of glitter and photo paper!

1. Make use of POWER WORDS

Remember that your future employer is looking for achievements and accomplishments. With these they gauge your working potential and see how efficient you can be as a part of their company. Better use of credible descriptor words such as "achieved", "accomplished", and "headed" when writing down your resume details. These words easily catch your interviewer's attention making him do more than just a quick glance at your CV.

2. Highlight the important details

Put emphasis on the areas which you want your employer to focus on. These include your job objectives, key strengths, most recent job experience, and most of all, your most important achievements which you think have to be recognized by your prospective employer. If you have previously taken up online degrees, then highlight them as well.

Make your dream career find you.

3. Include a short list of references

This always comes in handy because some employers actually do intensive background checks on their applicants, particularly the ones whom they think are really fit for the job. Be sure to indicate the correct contact information of your references.

4. KISS-Keep It Short and Simple

Keep your sentences simple enough for your employer to understand. Put your resume details in individual phrases so that each of them will get an equal share of the limelight. This also allows your employer to review your CV step by step and not get cluttered with a truckload of information.

Keep in mind that you are selling yourself with your resume. When your potential employer sees that you are packed with all the qualities and benefits he is looking for, then you're definitely in.

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