What Types of Business Administration Careers are Available

By: Anne Harvester

If you are considering getting a bachelor degree online, but aren't certain what field to go into, you might consider one of many business administration careers. And if you are a working adult who is looking for a career change but is concerned about leaving everything in order to return to school, you'll be glad to know that there are many accredited online colleges that offer business administration degrees online.

Business administration careers
keep the businesses of America operating smoothly. Careers in Business and finance is what Americans - at least those fortunate and smart enough to know that the way to wealth is not through work, but though buying, selling and moving financial instruments - do best. The future of the world belongs to those who know the rules of acquisition and how to apply them to their own advantage. Online business administration degrees will help you find the career path to the top of what is by nature a rigidly hierarchical system.

Most of us would agree that it is better to be in the higher levels of a hierarchical system than toward the bottom. A business administration degree is also quite flexible, and can take you any number of places - something that is quite useful in a dog-eat-dog system in which one's head may be on the chopping block for any reason at any time without warning (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Of course, the unsung hero of any business organization is the "bean-counter" - the accountant. Although it is not nearly as glamorous as many other business careers, the accountant is indispensable to any well-run business; career and job opportunities are plentiful. A good accountant will never lack for employment. Accountants are also frequently self-employed free-lancers as well.

Banking and brokering are very hot careers in the new global economy. As you are probably aware, since 1980 the U.S. has moved its economic base away from manufacturing and real services (now well covered by our good friends in China and India) and toward a financial services base. Investment bankers, commodity brokers and stockbrokers are all positions that provide and control the flow and movement of assets in these areas.

As a human resource manager, you'll be among those that decides who gets the job and who doesn't. While there are many responsibilities for the HR person, the power associated with this career makes it quite worth the extra effort.

These are only a few of the many careers open to one who holds a business administration degree. Jobs for such people abound in the public as well as the private sector. The former offers greater security as well as opportunities to serve the public good. However, the latter is where the money is; it is no coincidence that many who leave government employment go on to highly lucrative careers in the private sector, especially lobbying. Who knows? With the skills you gain working toward a business administration degree online, you may even wind up writing important legislation from a corporate office on K Street!

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