Looking At Careers in Advertising

By: Shaun Parker

Advertising has clearly taken over the modern world. It is an integral part business today and can be considered one of the major driving forces as the worldwide economy. It is estimated that during 2005 385 billion dollars were spent on advertising globally, some market experts have predicted by 2010 this figure will be over half a trillion US dollars per annum.

These vast amounts that companies are willing to invest in advertising show how important a force it is in today's world, it also shows that when looking for jobs, a career in advertising can be considered worthwhile.

Advertising is carried out in every medium, television, radio, newspapers and the internet are obvious but will also see advertising upon billboards, branded items and even the carrier bags used to carry our shopping home. This means that the jobs in advertising are varied and diverse. With so many mediums used by the advertising industry, almost all types of skills are needed allowing those wishing to find jobs an unrivalled choice of career path.

Firstly there is the creative side of advertising; this is mostly concerned with producing advertising copy. This advertising material can consist of pictorial work, writing, screenplay and scriptwriting. Finding an angle that ensures the response of the mass audience available is extremely challenging as finding the right idea can be frustrating. However, when this is successful it can bring great acclaim and successful product sales.

Fundamentally this sector's role is to provide the advertising copy, be it a billboard design, a description of a product or the script for a television advert. Example jobs in this sector are art worker, copywriter and art director. By creating most of the adverts we see and hear this part of the industry is vital if an advertising campaign is to be successful.

Secondly there are a number of sales jobs in the advertising industry. Sales such as telesales can be seen as a form of direct advertising whilst the ability to fill advertising space and organise how advert campaigns are displayed is greatly required.

Becoming a media buyer involves buying up media space (in newspapers and television) and filling said space with your client's adverts, these jobs requires a lot of liaising and deal breaking so the ability to bend people to your will is helpful. The bottom line of advertising is to sell products or services; hence a background in sales can help you find jobs in the sector.

Finally, as with much of modern business management plays a huge part in the smooth running of the industry. Jobs such as account planner and manager, as well as media planner involve the complete running of advertising campaigns and providing a service that meets a client's needs.

On the account side of the sector often building up good working relationships is a prerequisite of the business. For some this can involve a lot of dining out and entertaining guests at various events, so if you are a good host and able to win people over to your way of thinking, jobs in this sector could be for you.

With so many jobs available to anyone wishing to begin a career, advertising really does offer a great choice. At times it may be high pressure but also very rewarding when the effects of a successful advertising campaign can be seen. With the industry in constant growth, choosing a career in advertising will definitely offer jobs for life, for it is certainly a facet of the modern world that is here to stay.

With ever more exorbitant amounts of money being paid for advertising campaigns jobs in this sector are well paid, especially when in the upper echelons of the business. Whatever your skills; jobs in advertising are always worth considering as a valid career path.

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