Dream Job Map

By: Ebru Ulufer

A Dream Job Map will help you discover what you want in your work life.

Follow the steps below and create your own map. It is a very useful tool and a lot of fun too !

How much time you spend on your map is up to you. Don't try to do it when you are feeling rushed or hassled. Set aside a quiet evening or a weekend afternoon.

- Get a very large piece of paper, glue and scissor

- Gather magazines, catalogues and newspapers

- Look for ideas, images, concepts, activities, experiences and words that speak to you or bring out good feelings. It could be a photo of an environment you would like to work in (art gallery, university, outdoors, an office with a large desk and comfortable leather chair) or an idea (working with children, being a writer) or an experience (making an audience laugh, organizing a filing system). Be creative !

- Make sure you put the "Yes, but how?" voices to one side while you answer these questions. Do not worry about whether they are realistic or not. Don't censor yourself with limitations. I know a lady who lives in Italy and she works as a flight attendant for a British airline company. She happily commutes from Rome to Heathrow for work !

- Cut out these photos / ideas / concepts which appeal to you

- Place and paste them on the paper in the way that you like

Now that you have created your unique Dream Job Map, answer the following questions (This might take a few weeks to complete):

- What have you learnt about yourself from looking at your Dream Job Map ?

- Do you see any work themes / patterns ?

- What career ideas can you come up with ? Write down 5 ideas. If you can't think of any, ask your family and friends to come up with some suggestions.

- Turn these ideas into job opportunities. Ask for help if you need it. Search on internet.

- How do you feel about these jobs ? Do they inspire you ?

- Which one gives you the most energy / motivation / enthusiasm ? Which one aligns mostly with your work values ? Choose one.

Note : For "Work Values", read my article on http://www.lifecoachingzone.com/page7.htm

- Include everything you know that supports this choice and everything that undermines it... You're moving towards making this happen, so you need to start with a full and true assessment of where you are. Whatever the obstacles, you need to find a way to deal with them! Do you need to learn a new skill to close the gap between reality and your vision ? Do you need to attend classes, learn a foreign language ?

- Make an action plan which will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

- Think about the people in your life who can help you reach this goal, like mentors and friends. Think about how they can help, and contact them.

- Take action and monitor your progress. Enjoy each step and reward yourself !

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