The Skills And Abilities Needed For A Construction Job

By: Kris Koonar

A career in construction could be perfect for a person who is up for a physical challenge. It is an industry that is looking for people that possess the required hands-on skills. The construction business is considered to be tough, but at the same time it is also a rewarding one. The prospects of growth for a worker in the construction business are very good compared to other career options. It does not matter if you are new to this business or if you are a professional. Most of the construction job seekers are recruited on the construction site itself.

It is the construction worker who is basically responsible for special hospital structures, building shopping malls and many other commercial as well as residential buildings. There are a range of careers that a person can choose from with respect to the construction business. These construction professionals include electricians, carpenters, landscape artists, etc.

. Brick Layers: Brick layers are required to have a hands-on approach while working. Their work may include repairing deformed brick structures, in case of chimneys, walls, etc. Brick layers should be well versed with regards to performing complex calculations and should be thorough with numbers, with a knack for organizing tasks.

. Blasters: As the name indicates, they are responsible for blasting structures with the help of explosives. They are required to have good communication skills and proper planning with respect to placing the explosives in the right place.

. Drillers: They are responsible for creating holes in the construction sites with the use of portable drilling equipment that helps in laying the foundation for the structure. This is a strenuous job that requires a good knowledge of pre-analysis of the area that needs drilling and a knack of problem solving. Drillers have to work in teams. Hence, they have to feel comfortable working with others.

. Heavy Equipments Specialist: Along with portable equipments like drilling machines, the heavy equipment specialist/mechanic is also in charge large machinery like cranes and bulldozers. These mechanics are required to inspect and repair such equipment in case of technical snags. He is responsible for maintaining and correcting all the technical anomalies encountered in the construction workplace. Mechanics are required to have technical skills as well as a good memory with respect to tackling problems with the different equipment.

. Welder: Welding means melting different metal parts and joining them together to make pipes, valves, etc. This job is physically exerting as it involves working in one position for a long time.

The basic skills required for a construction job involves good hand to eye co-ordination. He should also be able to understand the blueprint of the work on hand and should be able to carry out the work plan effectively. The person should also be well versed with geometry, in order to understand the various designs and modules of certain structures. A construction job involves a lot of teamwork in order to construct a perfect structure within the prescribed deadline. There are many colleges that provide programs and conduct workshops that can help you to improve your skills and abilities needed for a construction job.

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