About Architects Jobs

By: Clint Jhonson

Architecture jobs seem like a good career choice. Going to work, drawing houses and getting a big paycheck. But the reality is different. Here is an insight to architects jobs, where you will find it is not about the money but about the love for your professions; and not about the ease of becoming an architect but about the beauty of it. If you are looking to get architects jobs, think again. Architecture is not at all what people think.

It requires a lot more creativity and passion than math skills; as well as that you have to be a very picky detail oriented person to be any good at it, and if you have any morals or pride in your work you will never make much money because you will work so hard to make great buildings. But it is very fulfilling if you love to solve problems and help people live in nicer spaces. If you are considering design of any kind, architecture is a good field to go into because school will teach you a lot, and with an architecture degree you can go into graphic design, industrial design, interior design, theatre set design and more! Architecture jobs can be found in many related fields, but it takes a lot of talent and skills to get them.

Architecture is rated as one of the worst professions based on how much school you need, how much responsibility you take on and how much you get paid. For instance, someone with a degree in Architectural engineering makes $150/ hr + when practicing engineering, and about $45/hr when practicing architecture. This is why professionals often advice people who want to get architecture jobs to get a structural engineering degree and then play with architecture when they are bored with engineering.

It has been a longstanding joke amongst architects that if you are looking for a good paying career architecture is not one of them. Truth be told, all architecture jobs are all about love. In fact, if you love what you do, money will come to reward you. Architecture is such a noble profession with such a great impact on society. As for the tools you need as a starter, get good books on architectural drafting, don't jump right away to AutoCAD. It is better to get a firm foundation in learning the fundamentals of understanding space and dimension from actually drawing. That is why you should start with books and get advice from other professionals in the industry.

Loving your job is one of the most important aspects of a career. But out in the real world, most people find it difficult to find something they love doing that pays enough. As most people have to give up and do something that makes a livable wage, architects jobs appear extremely appealing for many talented students.

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