Finding People Via the Web I Ended Up Finding Myself!

By: Kevin Browne
I was diligently finding people via the web not too long ago (in preparation for writing this article) and a very strange thing happened as I started to look these people up...I started to really glow inside.

It seemed that as I would write the names of the wonderful people down on my yellow legal pad next to my laptop and write down one or two things I wanted to remind that person of, I became more and more lost in the great memories!

There I was, finding people via the web and yet finding myself at the very same time.

As I was on the best people finding website I have ever found, I was writing names down like Emil V from Brooklyn, New York and wondering how his fake teeth were doing after I knocked all of his real ones out when we were 9 trying to swing a six iron in our backyards.

(I still feel awful about that.)

Then I wrote down Francesca A's name down. She and I worked in New York in the late 1980s together and would spend every lunch time at Central Park right on sixth avenue complaining about our bosses for hours at a time.

Names and the states that I thought those people still lived in...that was all I needed as I went back time and again to this amazing people finding search engine. And time after time, it kept finding these amazing people for me...and it did it for FREE!

That's right. I was finding people via the web and NOT PAYING!!!

Can you imagine?

But again, it wasn't the money that got me into such a great mood that day, it was what was happening on the yellow legal pad. The names and the memories. The emotions. All those things that happened.

That was the magic. That's what finding people via the web give you!
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