Spoofcard: Technology That Scares

By: Ryan McMickle

SpoofCard, possibly the scariest technology around, is also becoming the most popular technology around. Launched in 2005, SpoofCard has hit it big with their caller ID spoofing technology.

So, what is SpoofCard? SpoofCard is a phone card customers purchase that allow them to do several things: 1. "Caller ID Spoofing", which allows a caller to display any name and any number on the recipients caller ID. Used widely by pranksters, it's also in the hands of hackers using it for identity theft. 2. "Voice Changing", which allows users to change their voice to a male/female voice in real time with no delay. And 3. "Call Recording", which allows all users to record their calls made with SpoofCard for later playback through their online website or phone.

Surprisingly, SpoofCard is available to anyone and everyone inside the U.S. There's no prevention method for its uses with identity theft, as the numbers displayed on the caller ID are the same numbers displayed on the phone bill. This means that SpoofCard is untraceable. The only way a SpoofCard user could be traced is if the victim has a hunch SpoofCard is being used, and SpoofCard is served a subpoena. SpoofCard says they will cooperate 100%. Currently, the only users that are not available for SpoofCard uses are telemarketers.

SpoofCard was recently featured in the movie "Untraceable" starring Diane Lane: an FBI agent tracking a murdered who commits crimes broad-casted live on the net. The "bad guy" of the movie used SpoofCard to be untraceable when making phone calls to the FBI agents and others.

SpoofCard users are able to purchase minutes through or at

Prices range from $10 to $80 for 60 to 240 minutes. The $40 option being the most popular. Customers receive a PIN code and every time they would like to make a call they can either call the SpoofCard number or log into the website to initiate the call from there.

Conclusion: SpoofCard continues to claim the majority of users are professionals who use SpoofCard for business purposes. Law enforcement officials use SpoofCard services as well, but are getting just as much criticism from them at the same time. It will be interesting to watch the caller ID spoofing world unfold and see how the American people and government react to it.

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