Tomtom Go : the Simplest and Smartest All-in-one Car Navigator

By: Darlene Kaitlene

The venture of TomTom, the maker of navigation software for PDA-based GPS devices, into the arena of vehicle GPS has resulted in the production of TomTom Go. It is an all-in-one navigator with a cool look. It is claimed to be the world's simplest and smartest all-in-one car navigator. This highly useful unit is extraordinarily cheap; even lesser than a moderate mortgage repayment instalment!

The dedicated TomTom GO weighs only a little more than 10 ounces and measures 4.5 by 3.6 by 2.3 inches that makes it the smallest all-in-one devices ever seen. The device with its bright, daylight-readable, 3.5-inch, 256-color touch-screen display and the black case with a removable silver bezel surrounding looks like a tiny TV screen. Sitting on the top of an appropriately designed swivel mounting arm, it makes a look-worthy scene.

The mounting arm base of TomTom GO contains a lever-activated suction cup that securely attaches the unit to a windshield. In order to keep the unit secured to your dashboard it also includes a small adhesive-backed disc. But it must be mentioned that once the disc is installed, it is almost impossible to remove it. The GO is so simple that below the screen you will find only two buttons: one for power and the other for removing the device from its mount.

In addition to that there is an SD (Secure Digital) slot for loading the OS and maps. All menu and screen selection functions are activated via one responsive touch screen. The built-in speaker has also an impressive sound quality. TomTom GO has different models in the market. All of them are unique with their respective qualities.

The TomTom Go 300 has a built-in Bluetooth connection that allows the user to connect his mobile phone to access TomTom PLUS services like real time traffic, weather etc. He can also get an access to extra download such as detailed city maps, additional voices and points of interest (POIs). All the models are available with special offers. Thus, TomTom PLUS services are offered to new customers with a one month free trial.

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