Qualities and Traits of Childcare Professionals

By: Bei Maniago

The job of a childcare professional is not easy. Their job falls right behind a parents' job. And the mere fact that a childcare professional is handling children who are ripe for learning and growth, they are in a very influential and powerful position. For these reasons, a childcare professional should be properly molded for the job. There are certain qualities and traits that a childcare professional should have.

First and most importantly of all, a childcare professional should have a friendly persona. Her demeanor should be, above anything else, approachable and cheerful. Everyone would probably agree that children somehow seem to be veers towards some people than most. There are people who also seem to have a natural ability to make children feel at ease and drawn to them. This trait is very important in a childcare professional. After all, you can't take care of a child if he or she will start crying when you come near.

Yes, children do cry a lot. It is their way of expressing feelings. Children, at three to five, are already acutely aware of how they feel, and yet, they are not aware of how to conceal it and may not even know that they sometimes have to do so. Every time a negative emotion is triggered, you can expect them to start bawling. This is why a childcare professional should also have a quite long rope. The saying "patience is a virtue" can never apply perfectly to any other job the way it does to a childcare professional's job. This is also especially needed for special cases where the children may have some special needs. Along with patience, if you are handling a roomful of kids, you also need the ability to keep your cool in a crisis, because you can be sure that one can easily arise. You should also be armed with creative techniques to get out of problematic situations, and to solve it despite the loud, earsplitting cries of the children.

And of course, this creativity should also carry over to when you need to think of fun and engaging activities for the children. The attention spans of children are quite bafflingly short, so childcare professionals should always come up with new and exciting activities always. And to keep up and join in on the activities, naturally, a childcare professional should be energetic as well.

Also, childcare professionals should have a deeper sense of understanding children, no matter how many children they face and how many situations they encounter. They should know how to listen to concerns, and should also be sensitive enough to detect a problem or concern. Since children are very vulnerable, the person whose responsibility it is to care for them should protect them and should be attuned to what they are going through. And as a childcare professional understands a child, she should also be able to discuss what she finds out with the parents. Parents do not have the same level of exposure when it comes to dealing with children, especially if they are new parents. Chances are that they know what the problem is, but they are clueless about what they should do. Childcare professionals who take the initiative to share concerns and suggestions to parents will definitely be much-appreciated and will be able to build a relationship with the parents.

Finally, a childcare professional should naturally be professional. He or she should be able to compartmentalize. Since it is expected that those in their position should be always at their feet, always look cheerful and happy, and always be enthusiastic, the childcare center is definitely not a place to bring personal problems to.

Although not everyone may have these traits and qualities at first, anyone can try out a childcare job. These traits can be eventually developed as the nursery worker goes along.

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