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How to Choose the Best Selling Flea Market Items

By: Melanie Schwear

Flea market vendors wrestle with the age-old question of how can they find the best selling flea market items.? Not only do they have to pick a hot product that will attract shoppers' attention and inspire them to buy, they also have to find wholesale suppliers for that product.? How can they find the best selling flea market items?? By studying markets, trends, and some trial and error, flea market vendors can choose products that will bring big profit.

Best Selling Flea Market Items - Research Market Trends

Researching market trends may sound difficult, but it requires only a minimum amount of effort and know how.? Paying attention to media such as TV, magazines, and the newspaper is a great start.? For example, Hannah Montana products would be best selling flea market items right now.? Follow trends in fashion, entertainment, and hobbies.

Best Selling Flea Market Items - Weather and Seasons

Some of the best selling flea market items I have ever sold coincided with the weather and the seasons.? In summer, things like hats, hand-held fans, sunglasses, and inflatable beach toys always sell well.? In the cooler Autumn, bring out the gloves and blankets.?

Holidays also provide opportunity to find best selling flea market items.? Create profit by selling party goods, decorations, costumes, or giftware associated with a particular holiday or event.? Some examples include flags for the Fourth of July, masks near Halloween, and Easter basket goodies in the Spring.

Best Selling Flea Market Items - Visit the Market

Once you have several ideas about what you would like to sell, visit the particular flea market you want to sell them at.? Check your competition.? If there are too many other vendors who have the same idea about the best selling flea market items, you will find it hard to profit.? Find a similar product that is not represented.

Best Selling Flea Market Items - Wholesale Source

Whatever product you wish to sell at the flea market, you must find the best wholesale source for it.? Before you buy your stock, research to be sure you find the real source and not a middleman who will cut into your profits.? Best selling flea market products are fast sellers, so you need to be able to offer the lowest price.

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