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By: Dan Moore

Home/Business Inventory Small Business

This type of home based business can be quite profitable. This business benefits those who are detail orientated and can work with a camera. In today's world insurance coverage is a must for those who run businesses and own homes. In order for items to be financially covered, records of those items will have to be submitted to insurance companies. That is where the role of the inventory specialist comes into play.

One wonderful aspect about this business is that it has not been fully penetrated. (To view others that have not been penetrated see www.quickhomebasedbusiness.com) The odds for success and profitability can be quite high.

This business does not have to be complex and it is quite easy to run a one-man-show or hire a team of employees. In this business, you are simply taking inventory for residential homes and businesses. Once the inventory is complete the list is submitted to the insurance company of the client. If you are a go-getter this type of business can generate a handsome income. Some inventory specialists command a 250.00 to 500.00 fee depending on the size of the home/establishment and the amount of inventory. For follow up calls some are charging 100.00. This type of business is great for residual income because there will always be new items to log and submit to the insurance companies.

The supplies for this venture can be minimal, a camera, inventory checklists (you can create your own), and bar scanning equipment. If inexpensive supplies are purchased, this business can be started with less than 500.00.

There are inventory databases out there on the market that selling for affordable prices. If you are computer programming savvy, you can develop your own. A few companies can help you to get started in this business. One really great company is K C Home Inventory.

For more information on this topic, log onto www.quickhomebasedbusiness.com.

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