8 Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Work at Home Typing Business

By: 24hourwealth
Making the decision to start a work at home typing business is one thing. Going out and finding people to work for is another. As a start-up home based business, it can be very difficult to promote your services and without blowing your budget. So here are some highly effective ways to build and promote your work at home typing business without breaking the bank.

Define Your Target

Don't waste your time and money promoting your services to the wrong people. Before you begin any type of promotion, identify exactly who your potential customers are. For a work at home typing business, start with small local businesses. Don't focus on the big companies, as most of the time they have their own employment agencies.

Build a Mailing List

Start building a database of contact information for local businesses. Then mail them information about your service. Continue to build the database, and mail them promotional information whenever you are looking for more work.

Create Business Cards

Getting business cards printed are a simple way to distribute information about your services. They can be printed for a relatively low cost, and can even be done free if you have certain software on your computer. Be sure to always include your full name, contact details and the specific service you offer on your business card. Create them in bulk and hand them out at any chance you get.

Mail shots

Mail shots are a form of direct marketing which simply involve you sending a promotional letter to a list of businesses to let them know of the service you are offering. This can be done via email also, but is not nearly as effective. Try not to sound too much like a cheesy commercial. Keep it simple. Inform the businesses of what you offer, and tell them to save your business card for future reference. Don't be discouraged if your first mail shot does not produce results; simply write another piece and send it out in another month.

Add Unique Branding

You want to make sure you come across as a reputable and recognisable business (even if you are just working from home). Create a professional letter head template to use on all your mailings so that other business can recognise you. You might also want to create a logo for your services, and include it on all your business cards, letters and stationary. Be sure to keep the same colour scheme. The key here is to make sure your advertising is uniform and that people recognise who you are and what you do.

Post Flyers

Have flyers created and post them in locations where your targeted business will see them. Simple as that. (You can even include them as mail shots if you want).

Free Ads

There are a number of places which offer notice boards where you can post ads about your service for free. Check out shop fronts, churches, libraries and wholesalers. Also, make sure you return regularly and check that your ad hasn't been replaced or covered.

Place Classified Ads

Most local newspapers have classified sections where you can place your ad for an affordable price. Place some ads in different local papers when you need some more business.

When you are just starting out, it doesn't take much to blow your budget. But with a little bit of time and effort using the above promotion strategies, it won't be long before you have plenty of paying jobs for your work at home typing business.
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