German Shepherd Rescue

By: Ken Marlborough

German shepherd rescue operations across the US and throughout Europe foster and find homes for German shepherd dogs and puppies.

These rescue missions are often linked to provide a network of caring for unwanted German shepherds. Volunteers who have a profound love for German shepherds run the rescues. Most have their own jobs and families, but manage to find the time to rescue and shelter these poor animals. The German shepherd rescues are supported by public donations.

Rescues specialize in finding homes for dogs of all ages. In fact, older dogs are more settled, need less exercise and make loyal companions. People are encouraged to either adopt or foster a German shepherd until a home is found.

If you have rescued a dog and think it is a German shepherd but are not sure, you can look at pictures of German shepherds online to verify. Their color is usually cream and brown, but there are also white versions and long-haired versions due to certain recessive genes (recessive meaning uncommon, not defective.) Most trained German shepherds are not violent at all, but do be careful with any dog you find. German shepherds have especially strong jaws; their grip is nearly impossible to escape.

If you would like to adopt a rescued German shepherd, you may do so. You can also adopt through kennels and breeders. You must get it registered with the AKC, get a vet to give it a full check-up for health and vaccinations, and assess its pre-existing training regimen.

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