Tips For Effective Flea Control

By: Morgan Hamilton

This is especially problematic for those pets that constantly go from outside to inside all day long. Man, are you guys leaving yourselves opened to a full-time invasion of fleas.

Those pesky little suckers will never leave you alone once they have invaded your inner sanctum. They bounce around on the furniture and carpet in search of pets to nibble on. If you ever heard of flea circus? Don't put one on for you, if you let them. What really stinks is that they can even go after you if they can't find any animals. That's why you have to get down and dirty with some all out flea control.

What do you do to get rid of fleas? Have you ever tried the bug bombs? You know, the ones that you place in the center of the room and they blow smoke throughout your house. Pretty nasty business actually. You actually have to leave the house for hours on end until it clears up, if it ever does actually clear of.

If I sound a little skeptical about using this technique then you're right.

The sad thing is that in my experience this method did not even work. It was one form of flea control that cost me more hassle than it did me good. At the end of the day, that nasty cocktail of chemicals gets all over everything. You have to actually wash anything that's washable and went down anything else. It's a real hassle. Fortunately there are other methods of flea control.

A short time ago, my home was invaded with tons of these tiny, dubious little creatures. I wasn't going to play any games with them and decided to pull out all the stops. I wasn't sure how I acquired this dilemma in the first place. It's not like we had pets that went in and out. We only had one cat for Pete's sake. I actually came to the conclusion that the fleas were brought into the house by us as opposed to the cat.

Either way, I called an exterminator for assistance. This was actually the most desirable form of flea control that I could think of. The exterminator came in, treated every room by spraying some kind of poison around the edges of the carpet, and that ladies and gentlemen was it. That's the way I go about this thing. It worked like a charm. I mean the fleas just suddenly disappeared. Apparently they all progress to the outside of the carpet and die. There's a real science involved with these guys.

Oh, and he also gave us a flea control medication to dab on the back of our cat's neck. He really covered it all. In the end, I have to recommend this route to flea control. I guess the professionals really do know their stuff. If you are in need of further information regarding flea control, you can easily go on the Internet and find a ton of information. Get rid of those nasty, little fleas today.

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