Paid Survey Scams: How Not To Get Fooled

By: jstanton85
Paid survey sites are one of the easiest and the most convenient way to earn money through the Internet. Marketing research companies, which are directly engaged in organization of paid surveys, are interested in their results and thus are ready to pay the participants a reward.

But to find a good, fair company is rather difficult due to such a phenomenon as paid survey scams. Usually it includes asking the user of the site to pay a fee before he is allowed to take part in paid surveys. Another ruse is simply not to pay the participant, and it turns out that he has spent time for nothing, as participation in some surveys may take you 2 or even more hours.

How to Find a Fair Company?

Today this question is the most popular among people who are interested in participation in paid surveys. There are certain rules that should be followed in search of clear sites and will help to avoid paid survey scams.
- All free-of-charge sites are commonly upright. Before registration it is necessary to study the offered terms attentively, and if the site seems suspicious you should better not use it;
- Study peoples opinion on the research company that has interested you with the help of the Internet search engine.
- There are lots of forums devoted to paid survey scams, such as scam or ripoffreport They contain useful notes written by those who think they were swindled.
- You can visit the site of Better Business Burea - bbb. That is a watchdog agency which supervises the consumer rights and has a purpose to reveal scam in business.
- Many sites publish various rating lists of the sites that are defined as paid survey scam sites.

Usual "tricks" of the Swindlers

The most common dodges that help swindlers to take in the users of paid survey sites are the following:
-Fictitious Consumers Expressing gratitude. Paid survey scam is based on creating an impression of a site or an organization that helped many people to earn money.
-Documentary certificates. Some sites publish pictures showing the received checks as a decisive proof of purity. But if someone has once received this check, it does not mean you will receive it either.
- Guarantees. You may be promised anything, but afterwards such guarantees turn out to be empty words.

Hope, these principles will help you to choose a good site and avoid paid survey scams.
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