Creating a Waukesha White Stone Wallstone Pond

By: Anne Sinclair

Many homeowners are starting to add the ornamental pond to their property in order to enhance the overall look and feel associated with the home. While there are many different types of decorative small ponds that can be created, the Waukesha white stone wallstone pond is becoming one of the most sought after designs when it comes to ornamental ponds. Here, I will provide some basic insight on how you can go about creating a Waukesha white stone wallstone pond.

The Basics

When creating a wallstone pond with Waukesha white stone, it is important to know and understand that you will need a few basic supplies. First, of course, you will need an amount of Waukesha white stone that is relevant to the size of the pond that you are creating. For a basic ten by ten pond, you may need anywhere from 500 to 1,000 pieces of white stone. It all depends on the depth of the pond, and the size of Waukesha stone that you elect to use.

You will also need some cement mix, as well as the tools that are required to lay and layer the cement that you will use.

Simple Construction

Once you have gathered your Waukesha white stone and the cement that is necessary to create your pond, it is time to get ready to construct your decorative pond. The simplest construction involves the ornamental pond that is circular in shape. You will want to outline the area where you will place the pond and lay down a section of cement. Once the circle has been filled, you should lay your first line of Waukesha white stone all the way around the circle. It is important that each piece of stone is stuck down into the cement so when it dries, it will be sturdy. This is when you should connect a small drainage pipe on the structure. This will allow water to drain when you feel the need to clean the structure.

Once the initial cement and line of Waukesha white stone completely dries and is set, you can place a layer of cement on top of these stones and then add the second layer. It is important that you continue this trend, until all of the stones are placed in such a manner that your depth is achieved. Once this is done, you should then allow the cement to dry. Once the cement on the Waukesha white stones are dry, you should then place cement inside the dimension of the pond. It is important to ensure that this is set as smooth and evenly as possible. Once this is dry, you can then add a basic pond liner and a cap to the end of the drainage pipe that you installed earlier. You are then ready to fill and decorate your pond with plants, and other items! Once this is doneComputer Technology Articles, you have successfully finished your Waukesha white stone decorative wallstone pond!

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