What Tools Will You Need Next Kitchen Remodeling Project?

By: Gaia22
If you're someone who has recently decided that it's time to remodel your kitchen, you might want to consider doing the job yourself. If you do, you'll need the proper tools to do things right. You might already have a number of these tools, but it's quite easy to find just what you need it one of your local home-improvement stores or online if you don't.

When you're deciding what tools you'll need for your project, first, decide what type of kitchen remodeling you're doing. If you're planning on installing a new set of kitchen cabinets, for example, you'll need tools that are a little bit different than those you might need to install a new kitchen floor. This is why it's important that you determine not just the supplies you need to do your job properly, but the tools you need as well. Of course, some tools will vary from job to job, but there are also a number of tools that are shared commonly between jobs, no matter the type of kitchen remodeling job you're doing.

Among these commonly shared tools is a hammer. In addition to hammering nails, which most home-improvement projects require, you can also use a hammer to gently tap countertop tiles into place. If you're like most people, you probably already own a hammer, since it's so useful.

Besides a hammer, you'll also need a selection of screwdrivers on hand. It's likely that you already own one or two, but a good investment might be a multiuse screwdriver, where you can change screwdriver heads easily. You can be much more efficient with both space and money this way. An electric screwdriver or screw gun is also a good tool to consider, since it will save you both time and physical effort. With perhaps hundreds of screws to manage, you'll be thanking yourself for your wise purchase of an electric screwdriver once you've come to the end of your kitchen-remodeling project!

Another important and ubiquitous tool is a putty knife. When you are doing your kitchen remodeling, you'll need one if you're going to replace kitchen countertops or your kitchen floor. Putty knives make it easy to remove excess caulk or glue with a minimum of mess and effort. Many people do not have putty knives simply "around the house" as they do hammers and screwdrivers, so it's likely that you'll need to purchase one especially for your kitchen remodeling project.

Box cutters and saws are also useful because they can be used for a variety of projects, including installing flooring or a new laminate counter top. You might also need to cut materials to size and shape them to fit around corners, for example, so both a box cutter and saw will come in handy for these types of tasks.

In addition to the aforementioned tools, you'll also need a ladder, pliers, a glue gun, measuring tape and a wrench. For safety purposes, you'll also want to have a facemask, work gloves, and safety goggles. If your work is especially dangerous, such as if you are installing hard ceiling tiles, for example, you might also want to consider a hard hat.
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