Choosing the Right Kitchen Appliances for Your Kitchen Remodel

By: Rnoel1
When considering the kitchen appliances for your remodel you should keep in mind that today's homebuyers pretty much expect updated modern kitchens and bathrooms as standard items.

Choosing the right kitchen appliances for your kitchen remodel depends mostly on your budget and also for the style that fits your needs and kitchen space. Appliances should account for about 15% of your total kitchen remodel budget which should be based on 15% of the home's current market value. Appliances are not an area to skimp on.

Aesthetics, quality, and cool features should be at the top of your criteria for determining which appliances within your budget allowance to choose from. Stainless steel commercial grade appliances are the current trend although they add to the price tag considerably.

When it comes to refrigerators what most consumers are looking for these days are spacious models with flexible, more efficiently used storage space. All the cool features like spill-proof slide out glass shelves and temperature controlled compartments, once found only in expensive models, are now standard features in most refrigerators being manufactured today.

Your basic style options for refrigerators are: Top Freezer, Bottom Freezer, Side by Side, Built-in or Drawer Style.

When considering your cooking appliances your basic style options for cooking appliances are: Stand alone ranges, drop-in and slide-in ranges, cooktops and rangetops, and wall ovens and within these options you have the further options of gas, electric, dual fuel, induction, steam and convection.

When selecting your dishwasher you have all kinds of choices. Some of the features to consider would obviously be cleaning performance but there's also aethetics, kitchen space, energy efficiency, quiet operation, how much water it uses per cycle, drying options, the materials used in the interior, special cycles for crystal, china and posts and pans etc...

Aesthetics, quality, and cool features should be at the top of your criteria for determining which dishwasher within your budget allowance to choose from.

Trash compactors are a great appliance to have in the kitchen for reducing the space needed for outgoing household garbage. They compact the trash and don't require emptying as frequently as traditional trash cans meaning fewer trips outside which is a convenient feature.

About 6% of your total kitchen remodeling budget should go towards faucets, sinks and plumbing. The vast selection of materials, sizes, shapes, depth, function and grades of quality available for kitchen sinks is huge and variable.
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