5 Top Rated CRM Software for Real Estate Agents

By: sarah22
You have enough work demanding your attention you do not have the time to search out the top software programs for real estate agents. We recognize that there never seems to be enough hours in a day to finish the work of a successful real estate agent.

Properly and efficiently maintaining accurate client records is the decisive measure of how much success you will have as a real estate agent, and because of its importance to the success of real estate business, you have to find the way to accomplish this important work even if you find the need to outsource CRM (Customer Relations Management) to a virtual assistant. But even if you outsource the work of CRM, you will want to make sure they are using the top CRM software..

Because you are busy enough as it is, we have researched and found the 5 top rated CRM software to help you or your assistant to manage your clientel records simply and cost effectively. We encourage you to visit the links provided for more in depth information about these CRM software that can reduce the load of proficient CRM, enabling you to focus on other obligations.

Rainmaker for efficient CRM and for gleaning valuable information contained in CRM files to supercharge your productivity and profit making potential. Learn more about how Rainmaker can help you will all of your client data management with the following link to further rainmaker information.

Top Producer has innovative solutions for Realtors needing superior CRM capabilities to increase revenues and results. For a deeper understanding of what Top Producer could do for you see the information provided on their webpage.

ACT software is for the professional realtor itching for even greater success. Gain instant access to CRM records for quick tracking and plotting of your next marketing campaign or sales approach. Find out more this software designed to make the deskwork less cumbersome and more profitable.

CLP SUITE is on demand CRM software that enables you to track contacts, appointments, captures and then retrieves leads, reports, deadlines for projects and much more. Has a powerful autopilot technology for targeted drip email marketing campaigns that even offers SEO of your marketing campaigns prior to sending them out. There are 4 editions from which to choose from at affordable prices. Visit their website for more information

NetSuite CRM+ Provides every tool you need to convert contacts into sales and cash money. Unique 360 degree view of customer data to help in creating just the reports and sales campaigns you need for success is just one of the fantastic tools available with NetSuite CRM. For more details visit them here

NetAspects partnered with the technology of SalesAspects provides you with the tools you need for exceptional CRM for your real estate business. With everything organized at your fingertips, you can get on with the business of being a productive and successful real estate agent. Find out more about this exceptional online CRM software by following this link to the NetAspects website at
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