9 Tips to Working at Home

By: alanni9799
What is money? It?s a status symbol for some and necessity for all of us. We need money to buy food and shelter. When I think of money and status I think of materials things and then Madonna?s song "Material Girl? comes to mind.

We have become a world of people trying to get to a higher status or keeping the status they have. We work more hours to make more. We find better paying jobs. We pretty much go through hoops to have more money. We even spend our hard earned cash on illusions that we can make money at home. Is there really a business opportunity that will really make money?

There are so many scams out there it?s not funny. People take advantage of what people really want, financial freedom. People find ways to make you think it?s legitimate but they are just taking your money. I tried a work at home opportunity a long time ago. It was 200.00 to start. I thought it was very expensive and questioned the person on the phone. I even waited and really thought about this. My exact words were, "I know there are a lot of scams out there. Are you lying to me to get my money?? His answer was "no.? During our conversation, he told me I didn?t have to do anything and I would make money. This is a huge red flag that it is a scam. Not knowing this at the time, I went for it. Fortunately, I used my credit card and I got my money back but it was very hard to understand why someone would do that even after point blank asked if he was a scam.

If I?m in a business I would want to be a very reputable business person. I would want to have the reputation that I was an honest business person and not some person stealing other people?s money. Granted I don?t remember what his name or company was, but I learned the signs of a scam now. I?ve learned from my mistakes and I?d like to pass along my findings.

Information you need to know.
1.Company name, phone number and address
2.Person talking to you: name and phone number
3.Check Better Business Bureau about the company
4.Google the person?s name. There should be some information about advertising or articles the person has written. That will give you an idea of what type of business partner this person will be.
5.Call both numbers and make sure they are in working order.
6.Ask questions. No question is silly or stupid. It?s new to you and you need to understand what you are getting into and what you need to do in order to make money. If you don?t get the answer you think you should get, call the company and ask them the question.
7.Talk with other people in the business and get their opinion. There should be a chain of people above the one that called you. Get their names and phone numbers to call them. See how they help your business grow.
8.Team and support are a really be factor in starting your home business. You need someone to help not just in the beginning but throughout your business. That?s why you need a team of people with different qualities. To help in all aspects of your business.
9.Refund policy. Make sure you will receive a refund if you change your mind. The minimum should be 30 days but in order to really see if this business will work you should have 60 to 90 days. 90 days is the most beneficial.

These should give you a good idea of what the opportunity is about and who you would be working with. Remember, when someone says you don?t have to do anything to make money, it?s a scam. If you are looking to find a job at home, please do not pay anyone for a job. The only time you should dish out any money is if you have followed the steps above and you are starting a business opportunity or a home business.

There are work-at-home jobs out there but you need to have a lot of education in the computer field or you have to know someone in order to get that job. Stuffing envelopes, typing and craft jobs are scams. Very few actually pay you any money.

I hope this has helped you. I hope you know what to do when and if you want to start a home business versus a home job. There are tax advantages to having a home business, coming up in my next article.
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