Bathroom Flooring For a Fresh Start

By: Illa Maden

The floor occupies a lot of space in any room, and changing it can revitalize the whole look of a room. If your bathroom is looking a little tired and worn, but really doesn't need remodeling think about installing a new floor.

There are many wonderful flooring materials to choose from that work well in a bath, including natural stone, wood laminates, vinyl and other man made materials.

Natural stone is often a choice made for bathroom flooring. Natural stone is durable and will give your bath a luxurious feel. They can be costly if you have them installed by someone else. Consider getting good information and installing the floor yourself if you want to save a substantial amount of money. Also be sure you are aware of their special care and maintenance needs.

Wood laminates are another favorite choice, are less costly than natural stone and many suppliers provide videos that instruct just how the installation should be done. Many people have installed wood laminates very successfully on a do-it-yourself basis. Follow manufacturer instructions carefully.

Vinyl flooring is also a good choice. It holds up well in a moist area such as a bathroom, is easy to clean and is kind on the feet. Newer vinyls are offered in a variety of colors and textures, some of which are hard to tell from the real thing. The price range for vinyl is very diverse and depends on what you select.

Do request manufacturer information on the cleaning and maintenance of any surface materials you install. Today we are fortunate to have many wonderful cleaning products available to us, but we must know the needs of what is being cleaned.

What works well on one material can have devastating effects on another. Marble and granite are two flooring materials that require special care. While they are very durable, they are not invincible. Acids should be kept away from both marble and granite. Vinegar works well on windows, but keep it away from marble and granite.

A bathroom floor is usually a smaller area than other rooms. If your flooring has a pattern, be sure it is not too busy or overwhelming. Small repeated or busy patterns are not good in small areas. Also choose a color you can live with and decorate around for a long time.

Your new bathroom floor can pep up the decor in your bath and keep it from looking outdated and worn.

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