Planning A Baby Shower

By: Teahupoo
Planning a baby shower can be overwhelming, especially if you try to do it yourself. There are many things to consider like where you are going to hold it and who to invite. It takes a good friend with a lot of patience to plan this type of event. There are ways to make the preparations go a lot more smoothly.

How Do I Plan a Baby Shower?

There are two main keys to planning the shower, making lists and delegating some of the work. Let's start with the lists. Consider all of the aspects of the shower and make a list for each one. Start with the guest list. Begin by writing down the people that you know you want to invite. A big consideration to take is that there are friends of the person that you are giving it for that you might not know about, such as people they work with.

Call people who are close to the honoree and try to get a list of those other people and their contact information. Once you've determined the number of people that you are going to invite, start a list of suitable places to hold the function. It's important to know the guest count when contacting restaurants.

If there are a large number of attendees and you have to reserve an entire room, you can ask how many people that room will hold. This will help you avoid embarrassment by not reserving one that is too small. By knowing the number of guests, you can make a list of places that have the right amount of space and compare them.

Where to Hold a Baby Shower

There are a number of places to hold the baby shower. Restaurants are a popular option. You can also consider having it in your home or the home of another friend or relative. If the weather is nice, you can hold it in someone's backyard or in a park.

Delegating the Work

We've discussed the guest list, but there are other lists of things to do and get such as decorations, party favors and games to play. That's where delegation comes in. Enlist other friends or relatives of the expectant mom to share in the planning and execution of the shower. After you've made your lists, give some of them to other people to handle. One person can be made in charge of getting decorations. Another can shop for party favors and still another can make a list of games to play. This takes some of the stress away from you and let's other people enjoy being a part of the planning.

One more important consideration to take is to make sure that the people that you are inviting all get along with each other. This way, all will have a good time.
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