Baby Showers - What About The Invitaions?

By: Johnratkinson
If you are hosting a baby shower, then odds are you already know that every minor detail will be up to you, unless you have other people who are helping you to host the event. Once the budget has been prepared, and the guest list generated, the next thing you will need to do is find and create the invitations.

A baby shower is a truly special event, so you should really put some thought into making the invitations special. You don't have to spend a fortune on them, and in fact, they can even be handmade, but you should make certain that each guest receives a formal invitation, rather than a phone call or email about the event.

You can choose to have the invitations professionally done, more common with a formal shower, or you can find them pre-made either from your local stores, or online. Keep in mind that if you order them online, you will have some time to wait before they arrive. To save money, and if you are the crafty sort, you can certainly create your own invitations as well, and in some instances, this may even be the best option.

Other than picking out the invitation that you like, you also need to know what information you should include in the invitation. Of course, you want to let your guests know who the baby shower is for, who is hosting the shower, so that guests know who to contact if they have questions, the day and the time that the shower will be held, where it will be held at, and directions on how to get there, and a phone number or address for an RSVP. If the shower is going to be an adult only event, you should make certain that you include this in the invitation as well.

There are some other pieces of information that may or may not be included in the invitations, according to your own personal preference. Some people like to let guests know what the shower theme will be, and where the expectant mom has registered for gifts at.

Some people say that it is better to provide this information only after you receive the RSVP, while others say that not all guests will RSVP, and so the invitation may be the only chance that the host has to give them this information. Again, it is your choice.

Most hosts will list their own home numbers on the invitations, so that guests can call them to RSVP. If the host decides to not put the extra information in the invitation, she should be prepared with it when guests call to ask for it. In some instances, it is considered a faux pas to give this information out before guests actually ask for it.

It is best to send the invitations out at least four weeks prior to the shower, and even sooner if you will be inviting people who do not live in the area. The sooner you get the invitations out, the more time guests will have to shop and rearrange their schedules so that they can attend. Some people will need to ask for the day off, or will need to arrange for child care, which is hard to do on a day's notice.

If you are invited to a baby shower, whether you plan to attend or not, you should be courteous and let the host know what your intentions are. The host will need to get an accurate number of how many guests to expect, so that she can more efficiently plan and budget for the shower. It is much easier for the host if you call her, rather than her having to go through the invitation list at the last minute to get in touch with everyone.
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