Crafts Ideas For Baby Showers

By: Danahall
Party favors are often home made so they are also considered to be baby shower crafts. The easiest party favors are constructed out of blue or pink tulle or netting that is filled with tiny baby bottles, Hershey's kisses, safety pins hung with good luck charms or other kinds of candies.

Use gift bags to fill with candy for baby shower party favors. This is a great baby shower craft. Bags can be printed on standard computer paper to give the bag a bit more color and thickness. Pink paper was picked up at a local Joann's Fabric and Craft store. It was in the scrapbooking and rubber stamping section.

You should ensure that you have a plentiful supply of items for the baby shower on hand. In addition make sure that everyone has enough space to make their creation and if they want show off their finished baby shower craft item. Now to make the baby shower even more exciting you can let each person decide how many baby shower crafts they would like to try their hands at. This way there will be plenty of ideas that can be tried out.

This great baby shower craft is always well-received by the mom-to-be and shower guests. It's easy to make. Just fill plastic baby bottles with the milk bath and decorate with pastel bows, acrylic paint, etc.

Unfinished Wood Crafts: These are fun crafts for a group to get together and do. There are lots of great unfinished wood items at craft stores that would make cute baby shower gifts. You can choose from hatboxes, decorative shelves, picture frames, and letters to spell the baby's name or a message, toys, etc.

Baby arts & crafts projects make unique baby shower gifts. Some of these crafts can be turned into interesting family traditions and make beautiful memory keepsakes, where you can watch the baby grow. Making these crafts can be used as an opportunity to spend quality time with your babies. Babies will love to be a part of a craft project and to help you out.

Suitable baby shower crafts for a nursery rhyme themed shower include a paper tablecloth decorated with written out nursery rhymes and paper cutouts of popular nursery rhyme figures decorating the wall. A decorative centerpiece is another great baby shower craft idea and can be made of "silver bells and cockle shells" (lilies of the valley and seashells.) Star shaped glitter can be sprinkled inside the invitation envelopes and also sprinkled around candles and flower arrangements for a star themed shower.

You could also try involving the entire family in the baby shower crafts. You let them see that this event is part of their lives and that they too can contribute towards the arrival of their new family member. One way of getting original baby shower crafts that are of an instant nature would involve the older brothers and sisters making something. This can be a painting that that shows how happy and excited they are. You can also ask them to record the happy mother and guests as they laugh and make jokes.
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