A Host Of Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

By: Danahall
When planning a baby shower there are a lot of things to consider. Selecting the right theme is crucial to making the moment extra special for the soon to be mommy. Also finding the right theme will make your job a lot easier. Every baby shower theme will have plenty of decorations and favors to help you plan the perfect shower.

You can also use this knowledge to make some other interesting baby shower decorating ideas come to life. One such idea that I read about used a Christmas tree - one of the faux trees and lots of baby shower party favors. This very innovative baby shower decorating idea is perfectly easy for anyone to try out.

Display Ideas

Pictures never fail to add a fun & personal touch to a baby shower. Display the pictures in a little photo album or better yet, mount the photos on several sheets of scrapbook paper and decorate the pages with stickers, die cuts, ribbons, quotes, poems, & other baby related embellishments. Either set the pages on easels (they cost about $1 at a craft store) or lay them flat on the gift table. They will be a big hit.

You can even find lots of baby shower decorating ideas from the internet as many people like to share their experiences of these events. Some of the ideas are ones that you can take from other parties, like that of balloons and streamers. Now I know that many of you are thinking that this is a baby shower decorating idea that is just so boring. However you can easily change that.

As you see there are many ways that you can use baby shower decorating ideas. The main thing that you should remember is that these decorating ideas don't have to come from you alone nor should you have to do all the work of getting ready for the baby shower. You can get all of your friends together and with their help you will soon have more than enough baby shower decorating ideas to last for several more baby showers to come.


The simplest of ways to change the look of baby shower balloons and streamers is to have lots of personalized balloons (the mother-to-be's name or saying if the baby is a girl or a boy). You can also inter mingle different colored streamers like gold and silver with a royal blue for a baby boy or blushing shaded pink for a baby girl.

Try to go that extra mile when you search for the perfect baby gift. Is this baby special in some way? Is there a unique quality about this baby that stands out? What was happening in the parents life when the baby was born? Spend some real time on this baby gift idea and you'll find that something special will come out.

Record The Time

Colors work well with other themes. Whether a buffet table, a table for your guests to sit at or a gift table, you will need to cover them with fabric or plastic table covers. Fabric table covers can be expensive, especially if you have a lot of tables. Most party rental stores will rent fabric table covers.

Use a white table cloth (disposable or inexpensive cloth) and put permanent markers, puffy paints and fabric paints on the table. Have each guest write a personal note to mommy and baby and maybe draw a cute picture. Write the date of the shower on it and present it to the mom-to-be.

Organization Is Key

Depending on where you're having the shower (restaurant or at someone's home) will determine how much you'll need to buy. Check with the restaurant to see what type, if any, decorations are allowed. If the shower is in someone's home, you'll also need plates, cups, napkins and utensils. It's easy to match decorations with a theme with the wide variety of designs available for baby showers.

Sometimes the best ways to get baby shower decorating ideas is to ask other friends what they have seen at the different baby showers that they have gone to. You can also look in baby magazines to see the various items that can make a baby shower an enjoyable event. These baby shower decorating ideas don't have to be very elaborate or expensive but they do have to let everyone be happy and share in the mothers joy.
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