How To Entertain With Baby Shower Games

By: Danahall
If you want to make everyone feel at home at a baby shower, look to some baby shower game ideas. Having a few fun games helps break the ice a bit between strangers. Many times, the guests of the expectant mom don't know each other. While everyone has at least one thing in common (knowing the mom), that is not always enough to keep the party hopping. Baby shower games and ideas will see you through.

In the course of choosing the baby shower game ideas, the key to great baby shower games is to be short and fun. The themes should sometimes be babies. For a typical baby shower in which no full meals are served, expect to be able to play two or three games. Games can also be used to focus attention on the guests of honor, enliven the atmosphere and stimulate conversation. With a little bit of planning, personalized and interactive games or activities can make a baby shower a memorable and meaningful event for everyone.

Adding Some Excitement

When choosing a game, consider its value and you will find that more traditional games are still a great way to entertain your guests. Some of the games you can try are the mommy purse game. Everyone is told to check their purse and if they have baby items, they win prizes.

How to play Themed Baby Shower Bingo: During the Baby Shower, Hand each guest a bingo cards and 15-20 game pieces. You, or the Mother-to-be will draw a square from a hat (or a diaper bag:) and read the word. Instruct the guests to then look on their card to see if the word is found on their card. If it is, then they put a game piece on that square. Keep playing until all of the squares are drawn out and read. Someone wins if they get 5 in a row, 5 in a column, or 5 in a diagonal. Usually there are more than one winner so have multiple prizes just in case.

One favorite printable baby shower game is "How Well Do You Know the Future Mommy?" This game allows the guests at the baby shower to guess which features the future mother would like her baby to get from which parent. In order to play this game, it will be necessary to print off a chart with two columns: one for the mommy and one for the daddy. Each row should be a different characteristic: hair, legs, nose, mouth, intelligence, and humor.

Another Idea...

Before the game starts, place the small baby items on a tray. You can use items such as a bottle, pacifier, baby sock, safety pin, baby's brush, baby oil, etc. To start the game, bring the tray into the room and place it where everyone can see it. Leave it out for one minute, and tell the guests to memorize the items that are on the tray. Then remove the tray from the room and give the guests five minutes to write down all of the items they remember. The guest with the most correct answers wins.
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