Experimenting With Baby Shower Invitation Cards

By: Danahall
Once you have cut the base for your cards all the right size that you need, it will be time to decorate and personalize them. You will want to cut them 8x6. The best baby shower invitation ideas help everyone to have fun without adding stress on the expectant mother. The first thing you want to do it decide how large your baby shower invitations should be.

Here are some great baby shower invitation theme ideas for your baby shower planning. Many baby shower planners like to tie in the baby shower invitations with the theme of the shower. If you are planning to decorate with angels then choose baby shower invitation with angles and other heavenly things.

Write down the invitation on a blown up balloon (do not tie the balloon off as you're going to need to deflate it). Let the balloon deflate and mail the invitations to your guests with the instruction that they need to blow up the balloon to read the invitation. If you can hold the party at a spa, so much the better. You may also like to decorate the edges of the invitation with cute little baby bottles.

Here an unusual baby shower invitation ideas: Baby Grows Up Theme - Guests arrive dressed as their parents and write in a memento book the most treasured item their parents taught that made their lives most meaningful. Each guest reads her contribution at the shower and the book becomes an added keepsake for the baby. If the mom is having twins, then include two socks or shirts so everyone knows this is a twin baby shower invitation.

You can decide on how many modern baby shower invitations you are going to need, so that you will have a good idea of how many supplies you need. Be sure that you get some great paper, as well as some that matches the coloring on it. Most mothers-to-be are naturally too busy at a baby shower having fun to try to remember every item that is given to them and by whom.

A very creative baby shower invitation idea to be sure. Baby Shower Invitation: Ultrasound - Take an ultrasound picture when visiting the doctor and scan it in your computer or take it to a copy place like Kinko's. Make multiple copies and write the information for the baby shower on the back of the picture.

Try a heavyweight imported decorative paper, like papyrus, instead. Write the invitation out on a long skinny piece of paper that will fit in the bottle. Open each bottle and toss in some confetti. You don't have to use traditional items like lace, ribbon, or glitter to enhance your invitations.
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