Perfect Christmas Gifts

By: Gianni Truvianni

Perfect Christmas Gifts
Once we accepted this simple truth that presents we are giving are not for ourselves but to another person. This will allow us to understand how to find the perfect Christmas gifts. Since it is not important for us to like the present but it is for the future receiver. For instance;

  • We may like ties that  should not dissuade us from getting a tie for someone we know does like ties.
  • Just because some of us may like opera, that should not propel us to start giving out opera CDs or DVDs to someone we know who doesnt not like opera.

How to Give the perfect Christmas gifts?
I suggest taking the direct approach of just asking the person what is his or her heart's desire are. Why?

  • Logically, since the present is not for ourself but for that person, then we should ask if there is anything specific that person wants or perhaps needs. This makes shopping more efficient though some may say this rules out the element of surprise which is a lovely one but a risky one for we may end up buying some one who does not smoke a very exclusive pipe or a book in a language that person does not speak. I do not rule out surprises but we should go about it with caution when we attempt to pull one off for this may backfire on us if we end up spending a lot of money on a present that receiver will have no use or liking for. 
  • Some people may say that whatever we choose is fine.
    It is these people who are the most difficult or perhaps the easiest because have forfeited their right to complain if they do not get something to their liking. For these people. I suggest getting them anything but not for the sake of satisfying them but for the sake of satisfying our need to be generous and to give. For if the present pleases not the receiver may the act of giving bring joy to the bearer after all 'tis the season'. 
  • Practicality is not everything
    We should always remember that a gift maybe practical but practicality does not need to be the sole issue. Otherwise, all all we need to do is get our loved ones roles of toilet paper. After all which living human beings does not need a toilet paper. But who in truth wishes to get even 100 roles of toilet paper for Christmas.
  • A present can still be both useful as well as decorative.
    Sweaters are both useful as most people wear them specially in cold countries and are not difficult to get in the right size as they mostly come in Small, medium or large. Of course a present has the right to be completely without practical use for instance a bottle of Champagne when the receiver does not drink he. In such a case, she may always serve to his friends or simply pass this present on to others. Let's not forget that we give presents to others for them to do with them as they see fit. 
  • Sensitive gifts that may require selective taste
    If you are giving ornaments for the house such as paintings, be sure that they are to the person in question's taste because if they are not then that person might be left in an awkward position of having to display in his or her home what that person does not like. 

Strategies to follow to buy the perfect Christmas gifts;

  • 1) Make out a list of all those we wish to make happy with our presents. This may not be necessary for those whose list only includes a very small number of people but for those who have more to give to it is a way of not forgetting not only those we have to get something for but even those we do not have but should get something for.
  • 2) Next to each name put down two figures, one a minimum and the other a maximum of how much our budget or generosity will allow us to spend. This might be a good idea for those of us who shall we say only posses the kind spirit to give Ferraris, diamonds, Rolexes and such lovely presents but not the unlimited funds that being so generous requires.
  • 3) Decide based on the amount of capital pledged weather to get that person one present or more. In some cases it may be nicer to give more then one present even if they be more humble for the physiological reason of allowing that special someone (effect might be greater on a child) to see more gift paper wrapped boxes under the tree. The sight of many bejeweled boxes is to my way of seeing things the true spirit of Christmas as it not only represents beauty but the spirit of giving and sharing with those who are dear to us. 
  • 4) Learn about the person whom we are trying to buy a present for if we are not already familiar with that person by this I mean find out what does the person on our list like. What hobbies if any does this person have so that we might get them something related. For instance if we know a person likes a certain kind of alcoholic beverage that would be an idea. 
  • 5) Asking may eliminate the surprise factor but can also serve as a method that would avoid us getting somebody a present they may like but already have. For example what use would it be to anybody to have two copies of the same film on DVD, naturally there are those items where this would not matter like having two bottles of 'Absolute' vodka for we could empty one first before starting on the second.
  • 6) With children then the wise man's or woman's approach would be to ask the parents' of the child if they are not us not only what would make content the child's heart but what we can get them so the child will not get two of the same computer game or doll, making it seem as if Santa had committed an error.
  • 7) A method a gentleman or lady might use to get a perfume or any other such item that requires knowledge of the person's taste is by telling the person whom they intend to give to that they are looking for a perfume for another person. For instance a man could tell his girlfriend he is seeking to buy a perfume for his sister or a female cousin and needs advise on what perfume to get. Naturally his girlfriend will mention the name of the perfume she likes and by doing so tell what perfume she herself would like to get. This making it easy for her boyfriend to know what perfume to get her while still keeping the element of revelation. 
  • 8) last but not least we should remember that the aim of giving presents is to let someone know they are special to us. This concept is simple in theory but is often forgotten as people in their attempt to impress a certain someone loose sight of the idea that it is the thought that counts.

Christmas is a season for giving but for giving to take place, somebody has to give and if the person who gives starts thingking of the perfect Christmas gift, soon what goes around will come around. 

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