Planning For Your Child's Party

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Party planning can be stressful but with some helpful tips your child's party will run smoothly.

If possible a month before the planned party date, it would help to discuss with your child his or her expectations for the party. If your child has such high expectations, it would be wise to curtail them early on. Choose a party theme. This would basically depend on the child's age and on whether it will be all boys, all girls or a combination of both. Select a convenient date and time. An hour or so would be more than enough for a children's party. Discuss with your child on who he or she plans to invite. Make as well a decision as to the party venue. You can help your child with the decision making. The party could be conveniently held at your very own home or at another location.

When thinking about possible party venues, consider your child's number of guests, the venue size, the facilities available like playground, etc., the catering, the price and if your child somehow likes the place as well. You should have alternative venue options to help you decide and pick the best one.

Having the party at your very own offers numerous advantages especially if space is not at all a problem. You can enlist the help of other mums in the food preparation, food serving, the after cleaning and help for children's toilet trips.

Should you wish to have a bouncy castle or maybe an entertainer at the party it is imperative that you book for them months in advance. Inquire as to their party entertainment, their length of stay, etc. You may want to think about incorporating games like hitting a piata, pin the tail on the donkey and others to preoccupy the time of your child's guests.

About two weeks prior to the party, purchase the necessary party goods and supplies. Disposables from the table cloth to the plates, etc. are preferred for easy clean-up of party mess. You will basically need the invitations, decorations for the tables, table accessories, balloons, game props, prizes and party or loot bags.

A week before the party, send out the invites. Plan the menu for the party. Avoid preparing too much food as kids hardly eat. Finger foods are more ideal. Of course, who would forget the cake!

Days prior to the party, confirm the venue (if not at home) and the entertainer (if any). With ample preparation, your child will have one memorable party.
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